Half my alliance kicked - remove kick from General

Trying to motivate my alliance to get into WAR SEASON turned out bad for me. I saw as time goes on, less people were getting involved. All the way up to 80% stopped helping. Therefore, I created a kick policy. I said that if people were not active in 5 wars seasons, a kick was necessary. Generals and myself made this decision. If members scored between 1st and 5th place in a battle, one number counted against them drops off. Well, this made things even worse. After my third WAR SEASON, a General decided (without telling anybody and without consulting me) they were going to kick half the alliance out right before the last battle was won. This caused us to loose WAR SEASON all together, and I have spent the last 7 days inviting and rebuilding the alliance.


I have since increased the number to -15 instead of -5 for kicks.


  1. Create another rank that cannot kick.

  2. Create multiple ranks and allow us to manage what they can and cannot do (apply boosts, invite, “”“kick”"", etc.)

  3. Take the ability to kick from the General, period.


Sorry for the long post, I am a little upset by the decisions lately with Royal Revolt 2. I hope my irritation did not come out in the post.

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