Hall of Gods Issue

Usually i loose -10 to - 20 hall of gods points every day , but every time i reach 6500 HOG rewards level i start loosing -60 to -80 points. this can’t be coincidence !!!


There are point/trophy marks in the game, where you get more attacks to keep down. its probably associated with your level, to keep lower levels below a certain amount of trophies. Otherwise, if you are low level, and raise up to many trophies, you will be an EASY target to high levels with higher trophies… it will be brutal. However, if you raid enough, to surpass that trophy count you mention, you might catch a break… it depends.

Matchups depend on level/trophies, so it all works together. Since level 90 on my mini account, I have reached 7000-7500 and I can’t get over it… I’m 98 right now. I suspect you are 80-90 level ?

my current level is 95, and as i said when i hit 6500 hall of gods points i start loosing points dramatically, until i go back to around 6400 points where it gets to normal.

Well, its normal. If you try and push over 6800, you will hit an other of those trophy marks, at 7400-7500.

You get attacked, in regards to the times you attack at this point in your game. The only way to raise your trophy count, without getting attacked so much, is getting the big trophy rewards (guys way over your trophies, that will give you +15 for example), and having a good defense to get trophies out of that.

Otherwise, keep grinding, trophies matter only a bit in gold resources at your point. It should not be your priority imho, but it’s hard for people to accept that. Most players want to have a lot of trophies, so just keep attacking and build your defense.


But what makes some players worth 15 points while others about 3 points,
Some 95 level players count for 15 points while other 105 - 110 level players count for 3 points !!!

Only trophy count, is determining the trophy yield when you fight. And I think it’s not that much, like 1000 more, I never paid attention. So 1000 could be 15 which is the max nowadays. 500 is around 7-8 and perhaps over 250 is 4+. I don’t think there is a difference when fighting high trophies… like Where I am at, it’s still the same or similar difference… that, I am sure, because I get raid 15 points by people right below me on the list with just 1000 trophies difference.

P.S. I just logged in the forum, coincident to see your post.