Halloween Event: Monsters rebellion

Dear Olympians,

Black magic is getting more powerful the closer we get from Halloween’s day… The Monsters (Cyclops, Minotaurs, Medusas, Griffins and Hydras (you can pick all or only one of them)) felt it and decided to start a strike against you.

You have to fight back and remind them who you are!

Write a short story about the Monsters’ rebellious actions and how you managed to tame them!


  • Only one story per person.
  • If two players come up with a similar story (same story with only a few words difference for example), only the first one who posted it will be rewarded in case of a win.
  • Don’t forget to post your in-game name.
  • Deadline is Wednesday 2nd November at 12pm  (German time)
  • Other stories will be visible at the end of the event.


  • 3 stories picked by the team: 1000 gems
  • 2 additional stories randomly chosen: 500 gems

Good luck and have fun in War!

Don’t forget to celebrate Halloween nonetheless…


This is for my successors, to know the story and to know how to take care of similar situations. I’m Perp the current war commander in charge of the Olympus. Many legends have gathered around this holy mountain and not even Zeus knows if some of them are true or not. I’m always staying on the Olympus, I’m managing the army from there and taking care of the defense if someone is attacking us, so I spend a lot of time near the ruins that have left, to arrange the defensive layout. One night I remember distinctive. I was with a few workers there close before sundown, we made last time changes for the upcoming war. We changed the position of one hydra tower and one triaina and then the workers left. I like to stay in the ruins for a while to think about the changes and the impact that they may have and I enjoy a clear sky and the stars. That night was a bit different though, I went to my favorite ruin, which I told the workers explicitly not to remove, and a couple dozen steps before I arrive I spotted a shadow, although it is forbidden terrain it is not very unusual to find someone here, especially young people do it as a test of courage. So I continued to walk towards the ruin, the shadow felt blurrier in my vision although I was approaching it. I took another step and the grills that always sound at night here, stopped singing. I have faced mythical beast in dark forests, I have faced death more times than I can remember, I was feeling that I have erased the feeling of fear. But in that moment where the shadow slipped outside the wall and started to come close to me, my blood froze and I couldn’t move. It was not the image of it that made me fear so much, it was like it induced the fear directly in my soul. It came near, it had the shape of a man but were fuzzy and distorted, and then it started talking slowly with a very scratchy voice, I could literally freeze in my heart. It said: „Peeeerp, you will regret it“.  Then for a second I remembered that I’m the war commander of the Olympus and I should behave like that, I draw my blade and sliced the shadow in pieces while shouting. It was gone, it took me a few minutes to gather myself and I started to take the way back. As I’ve walked beside the towers, a tremendous loud crash almost brought me on my knees, it was the defensive towers, all towers fired up at once and after the sounds ceased, it appeared again before me, the shadow now had blood dripping in his insides and my sword couldn’t penetrate it. It said again, now even with a crueler voice: „Peeeerp you will regret it. You will regret to have enslaved the souls of the mythical creatures“ and it disappeared for good now. I returned to the temple and asked Zeus if he knew anything about this existence but he didn’t gave it much attention.

Time has passed from this incident, we were excited about a new creature in our army, Prometheus brought us the head of the gryphon, with it our priests could create a whole army of gryphons. Every time we achieve a new mythical beast we make a big celebration on the mountain. The arrangements for the celebration take days, my role as the war commander is to prepare the parade of the army, including the beasts. We decorate the beasts and let them march around the mountain. After the usual fights between the heroes, who will lead the parade, Heracles with his stubbornness won again.

Finally the day came, preparations were made, everything was ready for the celebration, the streets and beasts were decorated and people spread everywhere drinking wine, creating a dynamic atmosphere. The army was ready to start marching, they’ve waited for my sign, and on my side I’ve waited for the ok from Zeus, he was sitting on his big throne that was moved outside the temple. I was standing beside him and he finally gave the ok and I gave the sign to the army and the celebration officially started. Marching music played from the theater of Dionysus, Heracles was the first that marched beside the temple and behind him the hydras, people were shouting and clapping and everything went as expected, last to came by was Prometheus with the Gryphons, then the beasts just stopped, the Heroes tried to command them to continue but they wouldn’t move, everything was silent for at the moment, the music stopped the people went silent and then I saw the beasts turning towards me, their eyes changed to red and the chaos started one moment after that. They started to attack everything and everyone with fury. Chaos was spread through the whole mountain, people were screaming and crying while running for their lives, the heroes were commanding the human units to fight against the beasts and even Zeus got involved in the fight after a while, but the beast were too many. I saw that Ariadne and Perseus got circled by the Minos and I rushed to help them. The situation was out of control, after I got Ariadne and Perseus out of the range of the blessed Minos, they turned around and started crushing buildings and setting them on fire. The screaming of the Sirens was so loud that we couldn’t hear anything else at this point. I felt that it was a priority to keep the communication between me and my heroes so I took Perseus with me to fight them. Perseus petrified them and we were able to take out a lot of them. Zeus tried to hold the Cyclopses back, before they would destroy the temple, at this time the situation appeared hopeless, most people got out of the danger zone. I was running to the temple as I saw an old man praying on his knees to the Titan statue. I ran to him and grabbed him by his arm and told him he should ran, he was just babbling: “We got cursed by the red shadow, we got cursed by the red shadow…” Then the incident in the ruins came instantly to my mind, and I asked him, what the shadow is and how we destroy it. He told me: “It is an ancient evil that controls the souls of the evils and only those who he can’t see and are more poisonous that it, can harm it”

The situation got even more out of hand as it already was, I don’t know if I really believed the old back then and riddles wasn’t something that I wanted to figure out in that moment but it felt like it was my only chance to go after this. So I just figured out that we need, to ambush this thing with something poisonous. I searched for Odysseus and found him near the library fighting against a horde of different monsters, I took out some trebuchets that were firing at the library from the backline and I told him that I need him with me. Jason was near us and I told him that he needs to try to hold the library, he already struggled with the medusas and was trying to defend the ambrosia temple, but I had to go after the red shadow and I needed help.

I ran with Odysseus to the ruins and explained the situation to him, before we went near the ruins I told him to hide in the grass and I would lure that thing to him so he can ambush it from behind and cast his Hydra spell on it. I arrived at the ruins and there it was, it was on the column and like last time it came out of it and came towards me. It instantly induced the fear on me but I was also relieved that I found it and that we may can destroy it and end all of this. I took fast steps backwards and he spoke: “Where are you going? There is nowhere you can go…”. I tried to look like I was afraid, which I actually was, but I exaggerated it so it wouldn’t sense that I was trying to lure it in an ambush. It followed me as planned and we came to where Odysseus was hiding and I shouted: “NOW!!!”. Odysseus casted his spell and the thing screamed with a voice that could come directly from the underworld, it blinked red and dark and it laughed so absurdly that it disgusted me. After that it spoke again: “You think a little poison can destroy me? Everybody is going to vanish tonight!” and it transmuted to a huge creature that was something between a shadow of a titan and a beast with thousands of horns and claws. We fought it, our blades seemed to have little effect on it, only Odysseus spell seemed to harm it but it was too strong, we already were on our knees and then I talked silently to Odysseus: “we have to lure it in the hydra towers”. I had arranged the defense with 2 Hydra towers around the central path. With our last energy we’ve managed to bring it in the range of the towers, we had it in the center, I screamed to Odysseus: “TRIGGER IT NOW!!!” We triggered the towers and they spit everywhere on and around that thing poison, it seemed in pain as it was screaming with that hellishly voice, we made our last engage with everything that we had left and it started melting before our eyes. After a few seconds, it vanished, and with it, the screams and the noises from the mountain. We were on the ground but we felt relieved that it worked. Hobbling we returned to the mountain, it was a mess but everyone seemed alright. The beast were tame again, the celebrations were certainly over but everyone was celebrating silently from inside.

After a couple of days, everything returned to normal, the buildings still had to be repaired but at least we survived it. I don’t know if that thing is gone forever or if it will return, I just wrote this note for my successor, if that thing appears again, you know now what you have to do and if other entities appear, take it seriously and ask around if someone has heard of them…  


by (in-game name): Perpatoura

Rave. You have some players do not even speak English. For the third contest in a row you do not take this into account.

Greetings All !! ,

This is my Halloween story, enjoy!






4:50 am “the night of shadows”


Heavy rain… light footsteps from the background, a young girl running through the streets of this weird city, she is not from here …she came to help.

This is a story from a place so far away and yet so close to us…

9 years before


There is a house high upon the mountains, where a lady takes care of a certain little girl, some old ones still saying they are descents of “him”.

Every night screams are heard far away from the mountains to the shadow valley and even further to the eternal city…

Girl screams into the night:

-Mommaaa, don’t let them take me…


Door opens,


-Honey… sleep it’s just a dream, you are with me in your room, safe… was it again that nightmare?




-ok… go get some of your favorite candies and then you will go to sleep ok??




Next day


It was a windy day, the girl playing outside her home when she hears something…coming from the woods…“thats wasn’t the wind for sure she says”.

It’s like a whistle song …it was unlike anything she had hear before …so calm and peaceful.

The girl gathers all her courage and decides to take a look into the woods… her mother never let her go far away from home… always saying: “don’t look further than home, that’s all you need in life”…

Trails of blood on the grass …the girl walks carefully scared but curious …then he sees something that very few have seen, at first look it is like a giant bird …but it has four legs and lies on the ground badly hurt.

The girl approaches the creature carefully and touch it softly on the head without the slightest sign of fear, then the beast wakes up and looks the girl on the eyes in absolute peace, the girl was always charismatic with animals.

The beast had a fight …there are not trees in this spot …most of the trees around seem to have snap in half and pieces of wood are everywhere…violent scene but now all are so peaceful.

She want to help it but it doesn’t know how… the beast seems that don’t have much time and looking at her like its accepting its fate… then…giant footsteps are making the ground shaking…she girl look deeps into the woods and the footsteps are now even more louder…something is coming… she knows it’s not safe here…

The girls starts screaming for help… her love for animals is too great to leave it here.

After a while the girl gets tired from screaming …she knows that’s it’s a long way home…and then her eyes light up and turned into a deep sparkly blue color …happens when she is angry or sad… all of the suddenly rain clouds start gathering above, then the flute stops playing, few moments of silence and a pure white light appears in front of her …and a young boy walks out of it.

-You are stubborn as your father aren’t you?


-who… who are you?


-Doesn’t matter, we need to go we are in danger…


-I won’t leave… why did you came? What do you want?


-You called me…he said and looked her in her eyes, and the girl felt like he know him before


The boy takes out a flute and starts playing… the beast is recovering in front of her eyes, now filled with joy…

-I’m Musaeus son of Orfeus …who knew you were still alive…


-Do I know you Mus?


-We have a bond… but not from this life and world…, anyway take my hand we need to leave now


The girl takes his hand and looks back to the beast…


-Don’t worry he will be fine, the boys says

The beast was a mighty Griffon! Rays of light slip through the clouds and stay upon it, while it looks the girl disappearing …like it wanted to say thank you.

After that, the girl wakes up …her mother is on a chair besides her bed…she looks worried…she says to her to forget all she saw…

-It was just a dream honey…




Years have passed and the girl grow up living in eternal city alone now…she forget all … she often visited her mother on the house …something was calling her in that mountain …she liked that it was so high you could touch the clouds…she also love her candies and the view… eternal city was surrounded by water was almost an island with only a big rocky natural bridge claimed the opposite.

She often had dreams about that city …day dreams…other times was staying up until late night to see the shadows coming to city…she called them rain shadows…shadows that bring rain, was it just clouds? Her imagination? …this city had big history nevertheless.

One night…

22:30 pm – 1 day before


-Mother are you here? I brought you flowers!!




Absolute silence in the mountain house …Inside her knew something was wrong, rushes through the house to find her mother lying in bed…she was killed…she had black veins on her left hand…she couldn’t explain what happen collapsed on the floor crying loudly…

Many hours later she was back outside …she found the courage to carrying her mother body…her mother a gentle-always smiling person …she liked the mountain so much …that would be her last resting place.

Giant clouds suddenly appeared

The young girl crying and the same time being angry overlooked that fact.

Few hours later, after she left the flowers she had brought …it was her mother’s favorite’s …blue yakinthos…sad and tired falls asleep on the ground.

It was one of that dreams again…appeared again after all these years…

She wakes up frightened of the things she saw…her city in ruins …people screaming …rivers of blood…what was it??

Was it just a nightmare?

The girl decides to stay on the mountain house for the next day. The night was darker than normal today, the girl was looking ti her city again, then realised she had start to visualize these shadow figures close to the city, they now had the shape of monsters… unknown monsters …and always after that a storm and the shadows disappear…a chilling feeling went down her spine

Something had change… that night.

2:00 am


The clouds had weird shapes and suddenly a giant shadow appeared and head from the city… it was so enormous that was reaching the clouds …surpassing even her favorite giant shadow that she was often observing…wasn’t just that …this one was very different, an immense evil was shaking every fiber of her body every time the young girl had her eyes on this shadow…

The girl suddenly dived into abyss in front of her eyes it was a scene with a young man playing flute… he was holding her in his arms …they were in love and then all go dark…it was the shadow …that shadow…again …the dream becames a nightmare the day becames night…the man is now lying on the ground dead…by the very same shadow.

The girl returns to reality and paniced stands up and starts looking to the shadow …she had start to remember…the shadow want’s to destroy eternal city, she needed to go there …to see with her eyes… she knew …she had to do something…it was her destiny.

She looks up to the mountain and it was there the proud beast of the heavens, Griffon in divine armor, waiting for her…

3:00 am


The young girl rides through the storm to reach the city …but as she approaches the shadow turns and looks the girl and he griffon… Its glowing red eyes were burning like the deepest hottest hell… the griffon suddenly starts to falling to the city …they had arrived. The dived griffon hitting the ground with a loud noise … the girl was unharmed, she watches from a city road the shadow catching the griffon and turn it into black shadow… in front of her another shadow it was that of her shadow giant he watched from small kid… she starts climbing until she reach its shoulders …the giant was without expression… not talking …Just walking to the center of the city… Then fells back into dreaming again …or more likely a vision of her past… she was cladded in golden armor and at her side all kind of beasts…it was a war …a payback war…then she immediatly wakes up…the giant had caught her and started to squeezing her…she started to scream…her eyes light up blue again like when she was kid…then all the shadows turn to her and the giant drops her into the harsh ground…

Heavy rain …seems like a ghosts city …numerous lights from the tall buildings sparkle through the night like fireflies …the girl in the ground heavily injured… she looks up and starts to see everything …the shadows are disappearing …and blur monsters appear in their place, a Cyclop’s foot is rising up to step on her…all over?

All too quick, It was a bright light and a hand reaching and grabbing her …and then all go dark and peaceful, that sound… that flute again playing the calmly, dreamy sound …like it was from heavens.

She open her eyes and rain droplets are all over her face but her eyes are wide open …no it’s not the boy… it’s the young man from her dream …she now remembers him …their moments…

She whispers:

-you…you healed me … what’s going on?


He hugs her and tells her:


-I will help you remember even if it’s the last thing I will do …you are my wife after all…


-a Divine Beastmaster of Olympus!


-the mountain you choose to live this life was once the home of Gods…

-All these monsters… they want to kill us all …they are controlled I can feel it… but I can’t do anything

-Hades is rising to earth… these are the chains of olympus …your father gave them to you …remember??

-You must inherit the……


A quick move a sudden noise …what was it …dark magic? Musaeus disappears in front of her eyes…then a laugh a loud from distance…she knew that laugh

The young girl screams: “HADEEEEEES

4:50 am “the night of shadows”


Heavy rain… light footsteps from the background, a young girl running through the streets of this weird city, she is not from here …she came to help.

The girl suddenly remembers, she stops, grabs the chains and they start to glow… she throws them into the air and each of the chains is connected to a monster …Cyclops, Minotaur, Medusa, Hydra and Griffin …her 5 Divine Beasts of Olympus are fighting for her now!!

But something is wrong… the thunders stopped, only rain and darkness now…The huge shadow started to take the form of HADES, ruler of the Underworld, his followers raise their fists into the air and scream …THE KING HAS FALLEN …tears out of the young girl eyes…tears and hate…

Are the tears for her beloved one …or for that mysterious lost king?

What happen?

The fight is terrible…lasts for days… towers and buildings collapsing …citizens screams… her beasts are exhausted …city is falling…

WHERE IS HEEE” she screams out of her lungs

The 2 are finally meet …2 polar opposites

There is your “Mus” Hades says in ironic tone…shrinking to his human form and drops him before her into the ground.

The young girl with her hands trembling is reaching to touch him into the ground… mortally wounded the young man says to her… “whatever you do please dont give up on your life …live for me”.

The young girl starts crying out loud and screams “I WANNA TAKE US HOME

His final breath was on her arms and a final whisper in her ear “For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home

…she then remembered what her mother always saying to her…“don’t look further than home, that’s all you need in life”

… her arms keep trembling but her eyes …her eyes… oh her eyes are like the clouds… lightening blue…and the clouds are roaring to her will…the mountains trembling to her call, “eternal city” will live again to see the ”eternal” fight between good and evil… now is a time of fairytails, of myth and legends to be born! because now the city is reclaimed once more….from the daughter of Zeus!!!

The whole city watches now silent…monsters and people…

Rocks rising from the ground along with the godess… no man can speak for this battle …no pen can write about her wrath…like the thunter leaves his marks in everything that touches…the shadow night will be carved like a scary face into the souls of the people…

The young woman…at the end didn’t accept her herritage and fate…she didn’t wanted to be remembered like this…all she wanted was a …home.

…. Now

She wakes up and looks at the window, it was night…but eternal city never sleeps…

children laughing, walking on the streets …the monsters are out …but we are safe… It’s that time of the year again huh… hah i guess people like to remember and celebrate in wierd ways,  …i wan’t to remember too…aah I wish I was young again, I miss the candies.”

…A voice whispers…your hair are white, you need to rest …sleep deep this time girl, he is waiting for you.



I’m sorry for the long story, but i think you will like it guys, It took me a lot of time :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Best Regards,

IGN: “Shadow?Scorpion”

“GREEK ARMY” alliance officer.

Deadline postponed to Wednesday 2nd November so you have time after the War. ?

Great stories so far, really good creativity from you guys, I’m impressed!

Also @MrSinner: the forums are in English and according to the forums rules the only language here is English.

Ingame name: Evil_Ganja 


It was midnight .The bells of the clock in the center square of mount Olympus rings.It is Halloween.Prometheus and Hercules wan in the local pub drinking beers when suddenly an explosion occurs.They pretend like nothing happened. From the smokes a Minotaur and a giant Cyclops appeared infuriated and charged to them.Hercules instantly charges and with his divine power shuts them down. Then, two medusas accompanied by one giant griffin and their leader Hydra appears. Prometheus sees them and says “It was about time. Things started to get boring tonight”. He charges alongside with Hercules into fight. They defeated them all with a single coordinated attack. Then they continued drinking beers saying jokes one to another like nothing happened. Everything was back to normal.Except there was some unconscious monsters behind and a giant hole in the wall where a wooden door used to be!!!

                                                                                                              THE END


First of all the Medousa horror and beauty in one! Stone and death everywhere! A hero lightning-fast and powerful as a lion Perseus his name, puts end of life! A severed head now with the yeast of stone in his arms!The beautiful Ariadne subjugated the minotaur with both sword and her spindle! Cyclops lives in the dark because the smart odysseus! His eye is no longer at his head!Three heads in one body! The mighty demigod Iraklis cuts terrible hydra in three! And end Titan Prometheus the strongest of all the heroes cut the wings of griffin! Now the monsters know very well who are the bosses !!!nikkarter






Greek myth attempts to explain the origins of the world, and details the lives and adventures of a wide variety of gods, goddesses, heroes, heroines and mythological creatures. As player in the Olympus Rising game i met many of them and sent back to tartarus.

The first mythical creature i met was Medusa. Medusa was one of three sisters, the gorgons, but she was the only mortal one. Medusa was so beautiful that Poseidon was crazy about her, but she didn’t care about him; Poseidon turned her and her sisters into monsters with live snakes covering their heads. Medusa kept her beautiful face but everything else was so monstrous. And whoever dared to look into her face ended up being turned into stone. Perseus thus had a hard task. With his winged sandals me and him fly to the end of the world where gorgons lived. With us, we had an army of warriors and spearmen and with the help of Gods we cut Medusa’s head off. In any case, once we accomplished our task me and Perseus flew back to Olympus. From this moment, Perseus and me of course, used Medusa’s head as a weapon in many occasions.

When i decided to visit Aegean islands and stole the gold of the kingdoms there, i met one of the most devastating and terrifying monsters, the Minotaur. The Minotaur was the son of Pasiphae, wife of King Minos of Crete. King Minos hid the monster in the Labyrinth constructed by Daedalus at the Minoan Palace of Knossos. The labyrinth was such a complicated construction that no one could ever find the way out alive. However, with the help of Ariadne and her spindle and a dozen of warriors, we killed the creature and found the way to escape from labyrinth. Such an incredible adventure!!!

After the end of my journey in Agean islands, i decided to follow Odysseus in his journey to Ithaki with his shipmates. One day, when we arrived in a group of islands we met the one-eyed, giant Cyclop. He was as big as a barn, with a single glaring eye in the middle of his forehead. Desperate, Odysseus conceived a plan. He forced an army of warriors, archers and minotaurs who gave to him Ariadne after she returned from Aegean islands. With all these people and monsters in his side, Odysseus won the Cyclop and stole all the gold from the islands. After, that Cyclops were under the orders of Odysseus and all other heroes in Mount Olympus.

Some days later i ordered Hercules to finish his second labor which was to kill the Lernean Hydra. A monstrous serpent with nine heads, the hydra attacked with poisonous venom. Nor was this beast easy prey, for one of the nine heads was immortal and therefore indestructible. Hercules set off to hunt the nine-headed menace, but he did not go alone. His trusty archers and warriors, were by his side. After a tough fight Hercules killed the monster and went back to continue the other labors.

After a long time, i heard about a treasure in the Gryphus Isles. . Then, i decided to sent Prometheus to bring it to me! Prometheus travelled to Gryphus Isles and there met a legendary creature called Griffin. This monster had the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle’s talons as its front feet. The griffin was an especially powerful and majestic creature and was also the king of all creatures. Promytheus had in his side a big army of warriors and with the gift of fire from the gods tricked the monster, stole the treasure and went back to Olympus having the terrible creature in his side as a member of his army!

Finally, all of my heroes killed these dangerous creatures and returned to Mount Olympus with glory and victory. They’ re my own heroes and never disapponting me!!


NAME IN GAME: Greek Mockingjay


Many years ago, there was a beautiful women called Medusa who was purely a Gorgon, a monster whose daughter of Phorkys and Keto. She was born a mortal while her sisters were immortal. She was originally a golden-haired, fair maiden who is as a priestess of Athena, was devoted to a  life of celibacy. However, for having an affair with the God Poseidon in the Temple of Athena, as a punishment, Athena cursed Medusa by transforming her into a terrible monster. Her hair thickened into hissing snakes and body turned into a snake. She fled her home and never returned after turning into a monster.

She met her end at the hands of the hero Perseus who killed her while she was sleeping. From her blood three magical weapons were born that aided Perseus on his quest: a sword from the smiths god Hephaestus, Lord of the underworld Hades’ helmet of invisibility, Gold winged sandals from the messenger god Hermes and a mirrored shield from Athena. Perseus was able to slay Medusa by looking at her reflection from the mirrored shield given to him by Athena. This prevented him from being petrified like the rest of the heroes who tried to kill the beast, hence he was able to behead her and used her head to kill the monster unleashed by Hades, Kraken.

So, a mirror and maybe a sunglass would help in case you meet someone in Medusa costume in the Halloween  :stuck_out_tongue: .


Hi Alysea - I enlisted the help of my kids for this story and they wrote most of it :). Enjoy!

It was the night of Halloween and the spiders were out in the dark night.   The wind blew so spookily and we heard the sound of screams everywhere in Olympus. The monsters were rising and the Medusas started killing everyone except the Minotaurs, which were killing everyone else.  So every hero in Olympus and the world (including John Cena) went to them and called Putin and said, “Can you give us nuclear weapons to defeat them?”  Putin said, “No, but here are some free donuts.”  The Minotaurs looked at the donuts and fell in love with them.  The minotaurs greedily ate half the donuts and the medusas turned the remaining donuts with icing eyes to stone.  The donuts were quickly losing ground and the champions of Olympus were helpless to defend them, so John Cena called Percy Jackson for help and he said, “Hey, get those other demi-gods to go on an adventure.”  They teleported everyone into Minecraft.  When they arrived there, there was an army of skeletons that shot the minotaurs and medusas and a great battle ensued.  It was a close battle and everybody started to run so Percy used a whistle to call all the skeletons and Olympus champions together.  With such great leadership, the medusas and minotaurs realized that they couldn’t win and instead of surrendering, they found a portal and ran to the world of pokemon, where they met Klefki.  Next, they hatched an evil plan where they went through another portal opened by a key which took them through Mope.io and through a back door which landed them back in Olympus.  To their surprise, the Olympian gods had decided to throw a huge celebration Halloween party with dozens and dozens of donuts.  Realizing it was too much fun, the minotaurs and medusas decided to join them and a huge free infinite donut party with Ash, Pikachu, Zeus and Steve lasted until dawn the next morning and everyone showed up the next day with a hangover and diabetes.  Happy  Halloween.  The End.


The Hydra was a terrifying mythical monster that had the body of a serpent with 3 vicious heads. If one head was cut off, another new ones grew in its place. This made the Hydra almost impossible to kill. One of the Hydra’s heads could never be harmed by any weapon. The breath of the hydra was so poisonous that it would kill any man who smelled it.

When it emerged from the swamp it would attack all the perople of cattle and local villagers surrounds devouring them with its numerous heads. It terrorized the area for many many years.

The king of god- Mighty Zeus Knew this. He had his half-blood son, Hercules on a mission to kill Hydra, save the land and villagers.Along with Hercules was Prometheus and Oddyseus. During the fight, Hercules kept chopping off the hydra’s heads With his Godlike Knuckles-  but when one fall down, a new one immediately grews up and replace ,even more powerful and poisonous.The whole area where battle took place were filled with poisonous fog, all the animals and grasses  within hundred miles was destroyed badly, it was deadly scene.

Hercules knew that if he continued like this, the Hydra would soon defeat him. So he asked his friend , who he had rescued from the rock ( Prometheus)used his mighty fire  to burn the stump each time he cut off a head. This cauterized the wound and prevented any new heads from growing. 

When all but one of the Hydra’s heads were chopped off, Hercules got a surprise. The Hydra’s last head was immortal and couldn’t be cut off. Hes gonna get exhausted and lose the battle.Weapons are no harm to Hydra anymore, and yet , the might fire of prometheus can only keep Hydra getting stronger but not to destroyed him.Feeling exhausted with this horrific monster since the air is full of poisons, hes gonna lose this battle and can never face his father- Zeus.

Suddenly , a flare comes to his mind. He knews whats his fellows best of. Prometheus was fire, and of course for oddyseus , was poison.He asked oddyseus to put Poisons in to the bledding wound that each time He stabled. It seemed works, he though. However, Hydra was familiar with posison and knew how to expelled the poisons out of its body. This seemed useless. How were they supposed to kill this immortal monster ??? However, Hercules was smart enough he knew that if he can prevent Hydra from stop expelling the poison out , he can slayed this monster, thats should be the only way.But how???

 Hercules was smart enough,he ordered Prometheus to use all of his Fire , to sealed the poison-bledding wound. Keep the poison of Odysseus inside the body of The Hydra by the Sealed Fire of Prometheus. Hydra gettings weaken quickly. In the end , with all his power , Hercules was able to chop down Hydra’s last head with his Knuckles from god.Save the land and peoples. Finished one of his tweles taskes.

Ingame name- George6

Medusa- her eyes could make you turn in to stone.

cyclop- one eyed monster

hydra- the many headed monster, was almost impossible to kill

griffin- strong and smart.

Mniotaur- head of a bull and a body of a man, very strong beast!



Story about the heroes and The monsters!

once upon a time there were a village named Ariadne far far away in the East. This village could not be travelled to without the black hole sending you there. The village were crowded with people but among them there were 5 brothers and this story Will tell you have the brothers became heroes. 

The brothers name was Heracles, Perseus, cadmus, odysseus and Jason.

One day the blake hole was mixed with by a wizard named hades. Hades was once the protecter of Ariadne village, but the people stoppet going to him and choose his older brother Zeus instead. That made Hades bilious and he promised to revenge the village one day.

Zeus the white wizard was kind to the people and he was loved by them.

Hades mixed with the blake hole and a cyclop, minotaur, griffin, hyrda and medusa was send thru. The monsters destroyed the village and the people ran up in the hills and into the Forrest to seak Safety. 

Zeus couldnt face the monsters alone so he seeked help from the brothers, he gave them abilitys that people only could dream of. To Heracles he gave the strength of 100 men. To Perseus he gave the ability to fly, cadmus was givin a army of deadly spearsmen. Zeus made Odysseus very clever and sharp and Jason was given the ability to heal him self and his brothers.

with fear in there Hearts they started the road back to the village to face the monsters. Persues told his brothers to Wait While he search thru the village. The fog was over the village and it was hard to see more then a feet away, he could feel the bones under his feets while his heart would beat faster and faster. Suddenly he heard a sound like a snake, he flew up and saw the medusa right under him. He new that he only had one chance to strike so he flew behind her and swang his sword and hit hear throat and down she fell.

He calles for his brother and they went in the fog, they could hardly see anything and all got lost from eachother. Heracles got lost and found the hydra but he couldnt see his brothers. With the fear in his heart and the not knowing how strong he really was he decided to take on the hydra. He made fire in one hand and his sword in the Other, he jumped on the hydra and cut of the heads of the beast and burned her so she never Will rise Again.

Suddenly something flyes over the village, it was the griffin. The griffin layed eyes on cadmus and with all his power he flew down on him, cadmus called on the ARMY spell zeus had giving him and the spearman killed the griffin with 10 Spears in his heart. 

The cyclop see Odysseus and try to smash him with his hands but misses over  and over Again because odysseus new what to do and were to stand when the smash came. He tricked the cyclop so far away that the road ended and the cyclop with the one eye couldnt see in the fog and felled down the mountain and smashed in the rocks.

The fog was cleared and the brothers could see eachother Again, exept for Jason. The brother huged eachother and were glad this was over but they had forgoten about the minotaur, as they were gatherd the mighty minotaur took down his head and ran against them in petrefying power, he smashed the brothers and killed them all. Jason who saw this ran to them and with his ability he healed them back to life. They gatherd there strenght and took out the minotaur once and for all.

The fog went up in the clouds and vanished away, the people came back to the village and the brothers became the protectors of Ariadne!


Death, no hope, and bacon…

This is what I thought, during the worst night in Olympus history. It all started a Halloween…
I was as usual defending Mount Olympus trying to get some sleep as it started to get dark…BRING ME BACK!! BRING ME BACK!!
I quickly turned around and saw Pete, the Cyclops, talking to himself. I knew Halloween was upon us and it always seems to make Pete go crazy.
Just then I spotted some spearmen running towards Olympus. I knew what had to be done!..and sent out the hydra!.

But in the corner of my eye I saw Pete twitching and still talking to himself. BOOM!! I hear a tower fall. No time for Pete this Halloween, must protect Olympus!  ARCHERS, Griffins, Warriors and Minotaur GO!! Pete follow them we need your help.

I follow close behind and notice a green glow coming from Pete. Then I noticed more and more turning Green! and then they stopped turned around and started to move closer to me. I could see an over powered shadow that looked like Helen behind some runes. I now had only 1 option, give them the bacon. I had few pieces left from the pig I cooked 2 days ago it always seem to help Pete’s mood.

But before I could offer it. I felt a spear in my leg and the ground shaking as Mike, my favorite minotaur running at me. So I did as any good general would do… I made a portal and jumped
back to the gate. Now I had only bacon crumbs left from the attack, my monsters running back to me and the enemy closing in.  Then I saw it.  A god like chest! I run to the chest but could not open it. It had a little slot for 24 gems; I quickly inserted a few gems and Poof! It open. I then tossed out all the grey equipment and a few blue heads but near the end there was a sword like no other. It had the words “Worlds End” scribed into the handle.

As my monsters came closer, I stood up and slam the sword down! and said (in a god voice) STOP! I picked up sword and aimed it at the monsters and out shot… Flying bacon. The monsters ran for the bacon and eating it one by one. I knew then the curse of Halloween has been beat! With all my monsters now back under my control. It was time to take out the threat! The shadow of Helen! But
the monsters had ate to much and unable to attack. So I gear up and start to walk towards her. She knocks me down and I can smell the death coming from her. Blood of heroes past dripping from her. She says to me “I am Alysea the evil shadow of Helen. I was created by hades from souls of the dead heroes before you.”  A siren named Chris Throws a potion to me and says to use it on her. It was a potion to make her no longer overpowered. I look into Alysea’s eyes made from shavings of fingernails. I toss the potion at her and watch as she gets weaker.  Still weak myself she stabs at my heart! I barly move in time and only hits my shoulder.  BRING ME BACK!!! Pete yells as he runs towards her.  

He knocks her down as I stand up. I look at my monsters standing in front of me now… each one taking a bite of her as she screams for her life…

From this day I will never sleep again on Halloween!

I know that ofitsialyny language is English. But unless you have all the players speak English? That is, such contests are creating for yourself (for a limited number of players).

Why are you doing competitions only for those who speak foreign languages. You can in fact come up with other, no less interesting contests. I’m not complaining, but simply suggest you come up with more sophisticated competitions.


One day the minions of evil decided to rebel against Olympus so I brutally killed all of them and drank their blood

The End


Minotaur - a monster with a bull’s courage and cunning man. And the nature of the beast wakes up, and gradually fades in the human in it Halloween night. And if you do not return to their seats before dawn, then I am no longer able to manage the Minotaur.


And now, on the night of All Saints, the aura of the bull finally won rights. Minotaur refused to fight: fed on hay, drank the blood of virgins breakfast, attacked the neighboring villages and raped cows.


The problem to be solved. Why do I need a bull? I need a true warrior, which blows everything in its path. Bull did not obey my orders, because the human essence of the Minotaur was fast asleep.


I called a meeting on the outskirts of Mount Olympus. Athena has come, my old friend. Hercules came, my favorite drinking buddy. Elena came, which was lovely as always. Also, we went to Zeus: look at our miserable company, and went back to his mountain to finish ambrosia.


We left four: I, Athena, Hercules and Helen. Athena, the goddess of wisdom and strategy, has developed a plan. We could not kill the Minotaur, because it would be useful in this war. We had to re-subordinate it to the essence, to suppress in his Bull body and restore human consciousness.


In this regard, Hercules had to bypass all the nearby villages, and to surpass all the cows to Mount Olympus. I had to prepare a trap to prevent the Minotaur to retreat before the arrival of Helena. And Elena, had to use all his strength to subdue consciousness brutalized Minotaur.


Halloween Night was approaching its end. Dawn was only 2 hours. Hercules has fulfilled its part of the plan. We just have to wait until the lustful Minotaur wanders into our trap.


After an hour of searching, the Minotaur could not find a single cow. He walked to the smell, and soon discovered that all cows are hidden from him at Mount Olympus. As planned, the Minotaur succumbed to his animal nature, and quickly rushed into the prepared trap.


Instead defenseless herd of cows, Minotaur met Elena. The battle lasted an hour, but the magic of Elena was able to conquer the essence of the Minotaur. She has won his mind, and was able to awaken the monster human. When human nature awakened Minotaur, a monster has been defeated again and obey my orders. When the battle was over before dawn was only a few minutes.


That is how I, Athena, Hercules and Helen were able to defeat the monster, the Minotaur and return to its creation and the ability to fight for the glory of Olympus.

The Black Magic Night & scary Minotaurs


It was almost midnight and the whole kingdom was calm and quiet unless the sound of howling wolves from the deep inside the black forest. A chill wind was blowing time by time and the moon was full.  I am the hero Perseus and I wanted to have a little walk lonely around the Mount Olympus and stepped out of the main gate. The surrounding was very beautiful and the horrifying howling of wolves would give you goosebumps.

As I walked down the path, suddenly a strange sound caught my attention because there wasn’t a chance to guards to stay awake at this time of the night. Strangely the howling sound began to hear loudly and few bats were flying right in front of my face. Suddenly, the moon got covered to a dark cloud and I noticed few dark shadows were coming towards me through the trees. Gradually the shadows were coming to me as I keep looking at them. I was wondering who the hell is walking secretly on my land. First I noticed some sharp tips pointed up, set of large red eyes with blowing flames and few silver shining rings were floating here and there. When I looked closer, I realized that they were three feign Minotaurs coming to me.

They jumped to me straight away by screaming without giving me a second to realize what’s going on and started attacking me.  It took me a moment to realize what’s happening and I started to attack using my Invigorating Shotel and fire protected shield.  Because of the continuous attack against them, I felt that I am no longer strong enough to attack back though I felt that I was capable enough to handle them at the beginning. Since no one else was there to support me I had to use my healing power to recover from the unexpected damages due to the fire attacks from Minotaurs. Unfortunately, the healing power couldn’t afford the attacks anymore.  Even during the attack, I was thinking what made them act like this. Suddenly I noticed that today is Halloween and is the day that the black magic gets most powerful and it must affect to my Minotaur troop as well. Next moment, I realized that they are not controllable to me anymore and I released the Hydra Power. Though they started to loosing their strength, they became wild again and they are not going to stop until I do something special. Finally, I realized that the only way to stop them is using my unique power Medusa’s Gaze and I managed to petrify them. I tied them thoroughly using a rope while they were petrified and made sure that there is no chance to escape. Gradually the clouds disappeared and the full moon was up in the sky lighting up the surrounding.  

They have reawakened in few seconds and seem calm and harmless. Then I made myself sure that they are truly conscious. Then I reminded them that the way we fought together with the warriors of ‘Greek Army’ in the past battlefields against the Ancient Forces and the way we wiped out the Good Time warriors from the battlefield. Also, I reminded them that they are one of the teams of my most trustworthy warriors and let them realize how important their participation in future tricks. Slowly I noticed that three of them were healing and respond me in a friendly way to what I’m telling them.  Finally, I sent them to their chamber and let them rest at war academy.


Story by King Rawana

Officer, Greek Army Alliance

There used to be a brave God that was named Prometheus. He would fight to keep the realms safe from the monsters that threatened them. Out of all the monsters that existed in those realms, the Medusa and Cyclops were the worst. When starring at the Medusa in order to protect yourself, she would turn you to stone as then to devour you. The Cyclops was one of strength and endurance, he could defend against an army while his attack was detremental. These two monsters were out to ensalve and kill all who were in the realms. Torcher was their strongest suite against those below them. Prometheus was strong enough to defend not only himself, but those who were below them. He fought for life so that those below him could enjoy the life that he did. He was so inspirational that those lower than him would fight along side him and sacrifice themselves for his ongoing fight to defeat the Medusa’s and the Cyclopse’s. After a million years, he was able to slaughter the monsters that spread chaos and fear with the unstaggering faith of those who followed him. Now the realms are safe and are to never see death again.

Once upon a time, there was a lonely little mountain in the middle of the sky. It was called Olympus, and on it lived a bunch of lonely little people. Their ruler was named Zeus, and he loved breakfast. He loved breakfast so much that he would go out and conquer other lonely little mountains just to steal their breakfast. Of course, all the people that lived on the other lonely little mountains were not happy about this, and would often revolt against him – the most memorable occasion being the time he attempted to steal breakfast from the Hydras.

Now, ever since Zeus was little he had always wanted to steal the Hydra’s breakfast. Why, you ask? It’s very simple, really: since each Hydra has three heads, they must eat three times as much food as your average monster. So, after conquering the Hydras, you will get three times as much breakfast!

So, on Zeus’s 19th birthday he decided to go conquer the Hydras. He gathered up an army and set out to defeat them – but at the end of the day it was Zeus that was defeated.

Zeus was very upset. So upset that the next day he ate 4 times as much breakfast as usual. Then he fell to brooding over his misfortunes.

“What is the use of being king if you cannot successfully steal breakfast?” he cried. After plotting his revenge for half an hour, he decided to go eat more breakfast in an attempt to cheer himself up.

Meanwhile, back at the lonely little Hydra mountain the Hydras were having a meeting. They were very upset at Zeus’s attempt to conquer them and steal their breakfasts. So they decided they would go to Zeus’s mountain and steal his breakfast, to give him a taste of his own medicine. And with that they sailed off to Olympus to conquer Zeus.

Zeus was still in the middle of his seventh breakfast that day when they arrived. Swiftly they emptied his cellars, and in two shakes of a Hydra’s tale they were back at sea again. Zeus didn’t even notice until his ninth breakfast, when his cooks walked in, looking very uncomfortable.

“What is the matter, gentlemen? I hope you haven’t burned my toast,” called out Zeus.

“Er, it’s not that, your majesty. We seem to have run out of breakfast,” they replied.

“What!!?” shouted Zeus. “How can this be?”

However, the cooks did not reply, as they had all fled to the kitchens rather than face Zeus’s wrath.

And with that Zeus began plotting again. First he went to the cellars to see who had stolen his breakfast. From the green trails of slime, it was easy to see it had been his enemies the Hydras. This of course did not help his mood in the slightest.

And so he thought to himself, “I raised an army and it did not work. I plotted my revenge during breakfast and all I got was a upset stomach. Perhaps it’s time for a new angle,” and with that he went to his brother Hades to ask for advice.

Hades replied, “You’re looking at this from the wrong angle. Don’t try to steal their breakfast; instead, find where they get their breakfast from. Then you can starve them out.”

“Great idea brother,” said Zeus. “Except you forget that they have all the breakfast they could want, having stolen all my breakfast.”

“Silly little brother,” laughed Hades, “You forget they have 3 heads – they need to eat 3 times as much breakfast as the average monster – and monsters eat a lot to begin with!”

“Of course you are right, brother,” replied Zeus. “But then when they have eaten all my breakfast, what am I to do for breakfast?”

To which Hades responded, “Just each lunch for breakfast until you can re-conquer your breakfast. Isn’t that what brunch is?”

“Er, I think brunch is eating breakfast for lunch,” said Zeus.

And so Zeus went back to eating – not breakfast this time, but lunch – and to this day Zeus still eats lunch for breakfast. However, the Hydras were not defeated by Zeus but by his son Hercules many years later. And so it is Hercules that eats breakfast three meals a day, not Zeus. But the Hydras are still waiting for their chance to reclaim their long-lost breakfast from Hercules.

IGN: NovaSmasher

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