Halloween: First Trial

Hello Kings & Queens,


Here you can participate to your first Halloween Trial: The Trial of bravery!



Tell us your worst nightmare (real or not), and how did you fight against it.



  • Minimum of 10 words, Maximum of approximately 80 words
  • You just have to answer to the topic to participate
  • Only one answer per person
  • Deadline is Wednesday at 3PM (German time)
  • Don’t forget to leave your ingame name!



  • 500 gems for the most realistic answer
  • 500 gems for the craziest one
  • 500 gems for one random entry

Good luck, do not let your fears control you!

My worst nightmare is losing most of my raid on rr2

How i fight? I wake up :wink:

Ign : wiltotan

worst nightmare is losing lover  :stuck_out_tongue:

IGN: Edward the 7th


My worst nightmare: is to have a real worst nightmare…


Gems, come to me :slight_smile:

…suddenly i was in a very dark place… seemed it was an egyptian pyramid and seemed there was no light but i was able to see clearly objects that were all around me. I moved myself for few meters to realize that i was snaking and not walking…but in the same time i was able to move fast. In the exact moment I saw a statue that strangely it draws me towards it, i couldn’t reach it just because there was a ravine in front of me. And here waiting for some “miracle” that could help me to reach that statue a dark soul was approaching me arrogantly… the only way to escape was wake up, because no black shadow i could block, because seemed that all my body was petrified !


IGN: oPelle

There is one time my friend forgot his phone at my house , he tell me to bring it to school the next days . That night, i have a nightmare that when i was going to school someone want to rob me , take all my stuff and my friend phone . I waked up, realized it was just a dream and go back to sleep .

I know it sound weird but that trully is the worst dream i ever have .

IGN : Soilwk

My worst nightmare was being a knight of a king that doesnt care about his units and failed to take a castle gate down, there was nothing i could do…

ign: The1Mo

My worst nightmare came true when blookie bloo won the poem contest…

So I opened a thread to fight against it… To prevent it from happening again.

And then Ed started encouraging blookie by giving him a temp job as lyrics writer …AAAAAAAarghhhhhh Total nightmare

Micky, no gems for you today, this is not a nightmare, this is paradise (of lyrics writers)!!!


By the way, this reminds me of a joke…

A man comes to a Shrink for consultation.

The shrink asks the patient: Tell me please, do you suffer from erotic dreams nightmares?

Patient: “Suffer”?

I was sitting in exam hall with mathematics paper and unable to solve anything

Worst nightmare I had to sleep alone in my house on the hill . I fix it by turning on the power all night and play royal revolt until sleepy … hi . :slightly_frowning_face:

id : printech ha noi

my worst nightmare is that my phone runs out of battery while beeing in alliance war! huuuuuh! 

Worst Nightmare: Phone breaking during war season


Fight against it: Have a back up phone ;D


Totally got those gems


IGN: ShadowKid24

It was holding my Buster Sword in this city fighting with this Mountain sized Black Dragon.  The enormous pressure of power emitted from this Monster, it was heavy. Its red eyes pierced my heart with fear. But after calming myself I rushed forward going to attack its massive Talon, it raises its right arm and smashes the ground in front of me laying waste to the whole city and left a ginormous crater.  I was Blown Back severely injured, knowing that I shouldn’t have challenged this godly Dragon.


IGN: GodsHellishKingdom

I desperately needed that gold. Millions for the next update to the throne room. Month end was far away.

I went through my list of kings with lots of gold. Nothing. The next one: nothing. I was getting nervous.

The end of the list was already near. And then, i couldn’t believe my eyes: a king with 10 million gold!

Attack, quick, before another one gets it!

Ooops. No bread.  Luckily i was getting the ad rigth at the first try. Ouch, the long one: 30 seconds …

Now, millions, come to me … My hands were shaking, pressing the button to attack. The screen was

flickering, i was getting ready, but …


ONLINE! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.


I pressed the button for match maker and raided the next king for 5000 gold.


IGN: Mogor Manus

Not a nightmare as in sleep nightmare but a real one is when people dressed up as killer clowns around town, creepy as hell most the time and can play on your mind quite a bit when there are no streetlights, but what do I do to get one over on them? Buy a Ghostface costume and scare the hell out of them!

Cant attach file, 142kb is very small fir a picture

IGN - The Fresh One

Worst nightmare: To fail on achieving the objectives I have right now in my life and ruin my future 


IGN: Krman

You know that comfortable feeling where you sink back into your favorite armchair? Well, that was exactly what I was doing. Only, unlike a normal armchair where at some point during your comfy sinking you feel a delightful firmness holding you up, this particular armchair had nothing. I just kept sinking – sinking faster and faster – until I was surrounded by billows of green fluffiness. (Yes, my favorite armchair is green.) But I didn’t stop there. On and on I went, the pressure of the fluffiness and the pain of the carpetburn – er, armchairburn? fluffyburn? – increasing steadily until it became almost unbearable. And all of a sudden – nothing. No more armchair, no more fluffyburn, just… nothing. My world went dark, and far above my head I heard a faint rattle, and then a series of clicks – my fluffy green armchair was folding up: with me still in it! There was that familiar faint squeak, followed by one last metallic “ping!!”, and then I knew it was all over. My favorite green fluffy armchair had folded up, and I was stuck inside it.


Deepest apologies Aether; this is approximately 180 words, not 80 :stuck_out_tongue:

IGN: smiles! :slight_smile:

My worst nightmare is getting a call from my girlfriend while playing royal revolt 2. I can’t fight it  :slightly_frowning_face:


IGN- Akira Kunisada

My worst nightmare is having a raid when my mom suddenly plugged out the wifi connection… xD How i conquer it? I play beside the socket of the wifi connection

IGN Kelvin979