Halloween Fright NIght-Zombies


   Saw the Halloween video release. Is FG suggesting zombies in Dungeon 2? Don’t forget the 25$ 20,000/30,000 gem offer for Halloween.

“You thought Community Week was over, didn’t you? Well, think again! We have one final reveal for you guys. Watch this trailer for a sneak peek of the upcoming Halloween Event.” 


Guess, this will come in the new version along with the “Wardrobe” feature.


That’s a cool video, we’ll probably get the update in 1-2 weeks i guess

Wow, so that means new stuff also planned.

  1. Zombies

  2. Wardrobe


Please fill those who have an idea…

Its critical to build a better defences is to be able to watch replays of the attacks so not to place towers and obstacles on blind. So it should be “watch replay”.

Replays would be awesome.

I’d love larger scale alliance wars, like 12 alliances, with different rewards based on which fiefs they manage to get (make some of the seasonal boosts regular rewards), even some sort of permanent map, so the 120 fief alliance can advance and win fiefs, but have to give up a fief elsewhere, you basically get 5 days of war, then a 9 day truce, replace loser bonus with supply lines, if frost blaster is 4 fiefs away, then your stretched to get it, thus fight with a disadvantage vs. an alliance that has more supply lines to that fief. (something more like the game “Risk” really).

+1 level to all towers and obstacles :slight_smile:

So I’m pretty sure the zombies are coming in to replace the ninjas? Looking forward to playing graveyard islands. There’s lot of  cool powers they can implement with these guys so hope they won’t be disappointing as the ninjas. 

And expanding on the idea I’m guessing Flare also has planned Elves for Christmas & Bunnies for Easter?  :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be some sort of landscape based wars in future.


the most exciting about the upcoming feature is the wardrobe if course ? as it will save a hell lot of time in changing gears. Looking at the trailer it look likes it might be a one time Halloween event as it referred to the community week event. Or if they have many more things reveal only time will tell. I am guessing the update to be before next war season to co-incide with halloween.