Halloween: Last Trial

Hello Kings & Queens,


Here you can participate to the last Trial: The Trial of Strength.



Send us a screenshot of your ranking in the leaderboard containing the number 31!



  • You just have to answer to the topic with your screenshot to participate
  • Only one answer per person
  • Deadline is Wednesday 4th November at 3PM (German time)
  • Don’t forget to leave your ingame name!
  • 20% of the players who reached a rank containing 31 will randomly be declared winners (with random.org)


  • 500 gems for each winner (following what is stated above)

Good luck, and may the force be with you!

Global Leaderboard : Rank 1 with 6317 trophies IGN : VN-Sinh Viên Nghèo  :wink:



The ranking has to contain the number 31, not the amount of trophies :grinning:

Thank god , i dont have to giveaway 2k+ trophies like the last ranking event :slight_smile:

IGN : Soilwk

Haha… After careful war planning… Bam … Eat this… Watch the Huns unicorn at 1431…

I had the number 31 BOTH in ranking and number of cups!

Will I get twice the prize?


IGN: Emperor Master


So my rank is 31 31, does that mean that I have higher chance to win (or maybe get special award)? :grinning:

ign kayanabel

Here’s mine

Having little trouble to get 31 number on my rank

Ign : wiltotan

I have got twice 31 in my rank making 3131 . That’s very hard to achieve.Does it mean that I can have a higher chance to win ? :stuck_out_tongue:

In Game Name - Subhra Jeet

First look: no 31. Made one raid.

Only one crown :frowning:

But: Rank 51731 :slight_smile:


IGN: Mogor Manus

My ranking had 31 to begin with it. Didn’t even need to raid  


IGN- Akira Kunisada

Finally got it!

This is my global ranking!!


my ingame name is: Il Sire

ign leoblack96

Fell out of the Top 300 to get this just for you, Aether:



Rank 316


IGN: rudrAgni


Here it is IGN: oPelle