Halloween: Second Trial

Hello Kings & Queens,


Here you can participate to the second Trial: The Trial of Imagination!



Share with us a photo, drawing or picture creation you made (with photoshop by example), representing Halloween for you!



  • You just have to answer to the topic to participate
  • Only one answer per person
  • Creation has to be your own
  • Deadline is Wednesday at 3PM (German time)
  • Don’t forget to leave your ingame name!


  • 500 gems for the funniest one
  • 500 gems for the most original one
  • 500 gems for a random entry

Good luck, show us what can your mind create!

IGN : VN-Sinh Viên Nghèo  :wink:

Well, Halloween for me… Let’s see… October 31st. The countdown begins for the MEDICA fair at mid-November in Dusseldorf.


Very hard work there. Attached a picture of me with two Halloween dressed girls on Medica 2013. Envy all!


As you can see, I really suffer at my work…


IGN: Edward the 7th


Gems come to me :slight_smile:

Great pic from ed… An ogre surrounded by two vixen lady s… Wow… Impressed

Since these ladies are professional models, this ogre has probably got boosted for the whole season… :slight_smile:

The dark side of Halloween 2015 in Royal Revolt 2 ! Enjoy  :slight_smile:

Halloween decorations from tonight.

In my country Halloween is only for rich kid and young couple so i just gonna stay home with my baby brother .

IGN : Soilwk

U got pumpkim u got werewolf u got ogre

And those creepy background and if u lose ,thats cost a lot of cups and bread

Thats looks scary for me :grinning:


What else did you expect from me then ?

I said :-“Noo it can’t be , I feel I am dead but who killed me?” He said  :-“Turn around and see me.” I said :-"Who are you? " He laughed and said :-“I am you ,I lived within you , yes now you are free from the devil inside you.- HAPPY HALLOWEEN”


(Hope that’s easy to recognise that’s me in the picture pulling up my half head and back wall)


In Game Name : Subhra Jeet

I am a little bit color blind, so it’s more frightening for others, not for me :wink:

Just from random items, that are worth wearing :slight_smile:


IGN: Mogor Manus

1- I’m terrible at drawing so I won’t even try it.

2- Halloween isn’t very celebrated in my country, so I almost feel excluded from this part again just like the autumn event


By the way, I guess I can still go for the random entry prize with this reply  :stuck_out_tongue:


IGN: Krman

can’t upload a photo

Halloween was a couple days ago… 

can we chat on forum

Ign: kiranmyageri575


Hello everyone! I am pinnochio , your new community manager! i am here to promise everyone that the scream boost power wil be back to its original effect, werewolf will become stronger again, we also are going to distribute 1000 gems to every royal revolt 2 player , and 2k gems to all participants of this post …

And the best part!- We will make Jack awake! after sleeping for 2 months!!

Now we all know what pinnochio does :stuck_out_tongue:

IGN: juli izq


IGN: drag316