Halloween Story: How did the World end?

Hello everyone,

Halloween is getting closer day after day. You already had an overview of how powerful the Zombies are and that the end might be near…

We are all eager to listen to your scariest stories to celebrate Halloween!

Your task:

Write a short story of how the Zombies destroyed your Kingdom!


  • One story per player.
  • If two stories are identical, only the first one will be rewarded in case of a win.
  • Deadline is Monday 31st October at 11:59pm (German time)
  • Don’t forget your ingame name!
  • You cannot see other players answers!


  • Most realistic story (if counted that a story with Zombies can be…): 1000 gems
  • Funniest story : 1000 gems
  • 20% of the participants will randomly win 500 gems

Good luck and enjoy the weekend!

5 Zombies and an Evil Witch spawned at the tent of my castle. My defense waves considered them fools as they struggled to walk properly but… They Copied my Army and turned them against me and completely ruined my strong base. No trace of towers was left as the whole battlefield was spread with greenish stuff. Knocked down my castle gate and what was ahead? Granny and her beast ran off, I felt that was the only positive. :wink: . There was panic in the kingdom and everything went awry. The blacksmith shut his shop down and rushed out with his hammer and his cute little birdy, will miss her chirping. The taverns were as isolated as a remote island. The gem house spilled out all the gems till next halloween. The zombies even copied my chickens in the farm. Oh poor them. Advancing, the royal faithful paladins, did not let me down, but sadly, they too went down fighting. I just managed to escape as there was certain defeat ahead of me. Zombies won, I lost, but 

Sometimes you have to lose some to win some. Will resurrect and drive those zombies out after Halloween. Destruction in Next Zombie event.

IGN: KK Star

welll the zombies are necessary evil for me…

First of all they made my troops to play against me and eated their brains all day long. They loved the ogrees brains specially.


Secondly they defended my castle also from the enemy troops as they are brain eaters so they don’t care who the person is


IGN: Shindoo Vodoo

  • At first,zombies were like a normal people who were living in the part of our kingdom.They were degraded by high class people.They were in the idea of taking revenge.At that time, they were severely affected by some virus and became ZOMBIES.They decided to destroy the kingdom.They were planning seriously how to destroy?.Then they kidnapped the princess of the kingdom and made some deals to release the princess.

The deals were

  • All armies should be handled to them (Zombies)
  • Kingdom should be in the control of their king(Zombies’ king)

King,Queen and those who were belonging to Royal Revolt King’s family should be served for them(Zombies)

Thus,finally the kingdom was handover to zombies for the princess.

IGN-Godwin 12

IGN: Scarfior

I wake up, i get my breakfast and then bam… zombies (straight outa no where). Everyone turns into zombie. End of the story.

  • 20% of the participants  will randomly win 500 gems

I was walking down the graveyard of my kingdom during one Halloween night. It was deathly quiet. I began to shudder; why was I out here? Then I remembered -  I was going to visit my elderly grandmother, who was shockingly ill. I made the mistake of glancing into the shadows - I thought I saw an ogre, or perhaps a werewolf. I rubbed my eyes; no, I was just imagining. I began to quicken my pace a little.

Suddenly, I felt the ground beneath my shake and shudder. I stepped back, and to my astonishment, the ground broke open and something rose up from the ground. For a minute I thought it was going to be a mummy, and that my life was over, but what I saw was even worse. It was the ugliest thing I had ever seen, missing an eye here and an ear there. I was horrified.

‘Who are you?’ I whispered. It was meant to be brave, but it didn’t sound that way.

The monster didn’t speak - I guessed he couldn’t because he didn’t have a mouth, just a gigantic hole, but instead summoned more of his friends (if that’s what you called them) from the earth. They began slowly slithering towards me, spurting goo all over my clothes.

‘Watch out!’ I cried. ‘Don’t spill your snotty stuff all over my Dominion of Giants armour, you fools! I mugged it off Granny, you know! It took a lot of effort!’

The zombies (that’s what they looked like) didn’t seem to hear me; maybe because they didn’t have both ears attached. They walked straight past me, spawning more and more zombies by the second. Before long, the whole path was crammed with them.

In desperation, I sliced one of the mutated creatures in half. It exploded into green goo, but the worst was yet to come. From the goo, two zombies rose, as ugly and bloodthirsty as the others. I slashed and hacked, but however many I took down, double the amount came back to haunt me.

I would like to say that I did something brave then. In truth, I ran, far far away, a few miles in fact. But it wasn’t worth it, as as soon as I came to a stop, the ground split yet again, and the zombie army reappeared, snot, bad breath and all.

I was terrified. I couldn’t beat them all by myself, but maybe with some help … ‘Troops, come to me! Defeat these ugly looking creatures and I will give you free sweeties. And maybe some air refresher.’ I was happy to see hordes of knights, archers and pyromancers obey my command, but when they saw the zombies, most of them ran away.

For the few that remained, I yelled ‘charge!’ and we attacked the zombies. They didn’t seem to care really, but carried on marching forward. I slashed and hacked, but same story, two for every one I killed. After a few minutes, I wondered why nobody else was attacking with me. I dared to look behind me, and to my shock, saw my whole army engulfed in green goo. Except they weren’t engulfed. They had actually become zombies themselves.

That’s when they all turned on me.

I kept fighting, but it was no use. I didn’t how, but after I had fought for just a few minutes, I looked at myself, and saw straight through myself, through a sickly green goo. At that moment I knew it, I had become a zombie.

They had taken over my kingdom, zombifying anyone who dared approach them, and I was helpless to stop them, not because I couldn’t, but I didn’t want to. My thought for bravery and courage of defending my kingdom had been replaced with blood and hunger. The zombies had taken over not my body, but my soul as well.

And they are still out there. You can’t see them, but they are out there, picking their next target. And every Halloween, they strike on an unsuspecting king or queen, turning their kingdom to a zombie country, and possessing their people’s souls.

It has been a year since then, and Halloween is here again. You might think this is just a story, a made up tale, a myth, whatever, but think again. Remember the shaking underneath the earth you thought was just a mole burrowing, the silent cackle you thought was your imagination? Look at yourself now, and embrace the fact that you are now not who you think you are. You are now one of them. A zombie. And sooner or later, so will everyone.

The end, of the ‘story’ and the world.

Yours horrorificly,




ign: buuks

Once upon the time in a realm of king buuks there was a ship which was trying to reach final island of Zombi nation. Every time he was trying not to spend single dime to avoid cool down period which was enforced by evil employees of Zombi nation.

One day king realize that he must spend huge amount of time just to manage free workers that are standing within his kingdom. So he decide to attack with all his forces evil zombies. He said “It is judgment day for you evil zombies kneel down or be cursed forever and ever” but zombies didn’t listen his mumbo-jumbo. They have will of his own and started to scream “It is a World end for you buuks !”



But actually it was connection lost due to not having cable internet connection and using lousy internet stick of worst and biggest internet provider in Croatia! :slight_smile:

Everything was peaceful in my kingdom until that tragic night of Halloween…

The famous Ninja Event (or Zombie Event this time) had ended, all 30 islands were beaten and everyone was happy about defeating the undead threat.

Nobody noticed, but a kinda smart zombie sent by The Witch had infiltrated inside the kingdom, he only used the portal and waited for October 31st, when he begun his attacks by silently entering my villagers’ houses and biting them.

When we noticed, there was already a big army of zombies walking upstairs to reach the last buildings, including my Throne Room.

Every surviving warrior joined our supreme group to defeat them, we had everything: Knights, Archers, Paladins, Frosters, Pyros, and even some heavy artillery like Cannons and Mortars, but then, midnight hit and a very strange spell casted from nowhere, The Witch had programmed it to explode in that moment. Zombies went mad, they got violent and way stronger and faster than before.

My tough surviving army tried everything, they did their best, but our wish to survive wasn’t enough… Only me, the king, has survived until now… I’m completely alone… There’s no other thing I can do in this moment, it’s 3:33 a.m. so there’s no way I’ll make it alone to the sunrise. So I guess I’ll do it, I’ll use my ultimate weapon, a scroll called Armageddon, so at least this menace won’t reach the rest of the world…

Then I heared them all coming towards to me and getting closer and closer, my army destroyed some zombies, but some more were converted, and I don’t wanna join them. Then they finally reached me, they were about to bite me but then I called its power: End this all, Armageddon!!!

… and so… It exploded… Destroyed everything near, literally. My kingdom is completely destroyed, it has stopped existing, but at least I’ll die as an unknown hero who saved the rest of the world.

The end.


IGN: Krman

IGN: Edward the 7th

Shanghai/China Airport. October 2016.
We were shooting a Freeze take for our “Sweet Wine” by Genie & Master videoclip scene.
I was standing motionless for so long time…
When suddenly a stupid zombie came out of nowhere and has ruined the whole scene…

My kingdom was ruined…

Attached the Video:

Gems, come to me :slight_smile:

Ign: an1l75

It was the Halloween morning. There was a mist in the air, telling the king that something was not right in his kingdom. He decided to take a walk (in disguise) in his kingdom. He decided to go by himself to see if everything was alright in his wonderful kingdom. A kingdom rich in gold and silver, where honey was ever flowing, where people danced in joy across the streets. But today as the King took a walk, everything was silent. He could not find people on the streets. He grew suspious of some wrong doing. His hands reached his sword (babe sword) and became vigilant. His meat sword drew the first person. He saw a man dressed in ragged clothes approaching him. He was delighted to see somebody. A smile came on the Kings face. As the person drew closer, the King grew suspious. Something was not right about the man. His clothes were torn, his mouth covered and his eyes were blood shot red. The man’s slow walk started to become fast and in a moments notice he was in front of the King. A strong gush of wind threw away the protection of cloth from the man’s face. The King was horrified, this was a ZOMBIE! The zombie attacked the King, but as clever as he was he ducked and in a quick action of his babe sword, he cut the zombie in two. The zombie fell making a loud noise, as King looked up, he saw many more zombies surrounding him…

what will happen next…Will this be the end of the world…check in Royal Revolt 3.



zombies are undead brain eaters. zombies were hungry to eat brains. they asked their leader zombie villain for food. villain found some kingdoms to attack and said them to start attacking kingdoms one by one. they forced armies of kingdoms to fight in their side. but somehow kingdoms managed to defeat them. but they’re not dying they never take rest. always tries to eat. they are like some ghosts who’re trying to fear us. but kings of kingdoms will not let them take their kingdom down. kings managed to slow zombies by frosters and defeat then by cannons but they’re undying. what to do now? they can’t be cut in pieces. kings have to defeat them. so kings decided to attack zombies personally with their troops. zombies tried to eat brains of troops and to attack on king but they somehow managed to defeat them and kings earned their loyalty. now zombies came in side of kings making them easy to defeat enemies.

ign: shivam6

Once upon a time, on a lonely magical island named Flaregames, there was a king. Now this was no ordinary king; he had an army he could summon in an instant – provided he had first set up his magical blue tent of doom – and he even had training in the magical arts, which he learned at Bogsmarts, where he was trained by the most powerful of the fire and ice mages. Not only this, but he even kept three suits of armor for changing whenever he felt like – the suit he wore into battle, the suit for taking selfies with, and the suit for parading in front of his people with. There were even rumors that he could transform into a girl at will – and that he would travel his kingdom under this disguise, looking for rebels and eliminating them. He was a very successful king in all he undertook; he had mastered the strongest spells known to mage-kind, and had even found a way to boost his spell’s powers with magic purple stones. He had conquered every upstart king he had ever come across, and everything in his kingdom was perfect.

Except for one little thing.

(Oh, what, you thought this was going to be a fairy tale? Well, guess what: it is a fairy tale! But of course every fairy tale needs a villain. And so that is who I am about to introduce to you. Enter the villain!)

There was an old prophecy that when the strongest king the lonely little magical island of Flaregames had ever known would come to power, the entire island would be overthrown. On the last day of the third-to-last month of the third year of his reign, starting at supper-time, would begin the Apocalypse that would end the lonely little magical island of Flaregames.

(Oh, what, you’re mad at me for not telling the truth? Ok, so maybe that “one little thing” wasn’t so little after all. And maybe that “villain” wasn’t a “who” but instead was a “what”. But that’s beside the point. Would you please let me go on with my fairy tale?)

But the king was determined to avert the imminent disaster. He hired evil ninjas to gain practice in the art of fighting apocalypses, and even sent one of his ogres up to Flaregames headquarters to change the programming of the universe. Although ogres are good at stealth, they are not good at programming, and so all the ogre succeeded in doing was introducing bugs into the Chamber of Fortune. Though perhaps the ogre was a good programmer after all, for Flaregames headquarters has not been able to fix the Chamber of Fortune to this day. However, this was not the result the king had been looking for, and he sent one of his arblasters up to Flaregames headquarters to try again. Although the arblaster was a tech genius, he could not even avert the practice ninja apocalypses, and only managed to crash the servers when the apocalypses began.

The king was very disheartened at his failures.

“What to do, what to do?” he groaned in dismay. “The Zombie Apocalypse gets nearer every second, and I am still no closer to a solution! What can I do to save my citizens? Or my wardrobe? Or my selfie stick?”

And that was when it hit him. He would go to Bogsmarts, where the wisest fire and ice mages lived. And once there, he would ask them what to do. And with that he hopped onto his chicken and flew away to Bogsmarts.

(Oh, what, you weren’t expecting a chicken? Well, if you don’t believe me, take a closer look at your farms. You can see several chickens grazing around there. The white one is his favorite. His name is Bob. He’s really fast.)

Upon arriving at Bogsmarts, he knocked on the gate with the special knock he had learned there: three fast knocks followed by three slow knocks followed by three fast knocks.

“Greetings, your majesty. What can we do for you today, sir? Come to master another spell?” queried the mages.

“Oh great mages, I come in – er, what did you say? There are more spells?” asked the king.

“Of course, your majesty,” the mages replied. “Here at Bogsmarts we create new spells every day and test them until we have mastered each one. You really must see our newest one. It takes the power of the – ”

“Oh great mages, I would love to stop and chat, but I come in a terrible rush,” interrupted the king. “You see, that old prophecy that will take place on the last day of the third-to-last month of the third year of my reign, the one about the destruction of the lonely little magical island of Flaregames – this island – has been laying heavily on my mind. What must I do to avert this Zombie Apocalypse?”

“Oh great king, who is stronger than any living thing on the lonely little magical island of Flaregames, you can do one and only one thing,” said the mages.

“What is – hey, wait a second. What non-living thing on the lonely little magical island of Flaregames is stronger than I?” asked the king. “I can turn volcanoes into grass, I can turn mountains into sand, and can even turn my foot-soldiers into little green robots. What am I weaker than?”

“You are weaker than the air, my liege,” the mages replied. “Although you control all the elements, can summon fire and ice and green doom clouds, and have even mastered sound –“

“Don’t forget I also mastered the spirits of my enemies,” muttered the king.

“Of course, your majesty. How foolish of us to forget,” said the mages. “But as we were saying, you are weaker than air. You never did master that flying spell you talked so much about on the first day of the fourth month of the third year of your reign.”

“Oh, yes. How foolish of me to forget,” returned the king. “But this is beside the point. What must I do to save the lonely little magical island of Flaregames – this island?”

“Simply this: you can surrender to an upstart king, and let him be the most powerful king the lonely little magical island of Flaregames has ever known. Then when he is destroyed in the Zombie Apocalypse you can take over the island again.”

“Yes!” cried the king. “That’s it! – but who will I give my kingdom to? Who is worthy of the crown?”

“Excuse me, sire,” said the mages, “but you need not worry about the quality of your successor, as he will only rule for a few days.”

“But my three suits of armor! He will make them all stinky and muddy! Just like my nephew did the day I foolishly left him all alone in the castle,” cried the king, petulantly stomping his feet on the ground.

“Ever heard of a washing machine, sire?” ventured the mages.

“Ah, how foolish of me to forget. What would I ever do without my trusty mages?” said the king. “Well, now I must be off to name my successor. Farewell!”

“Farewell, o great king of the lonely little magical island of Flaregames. May your reign never end and your xp ever increase and your armor never go rusty!”

And so the king returned to the castle. He went down to the dungeons and found his old evil aunts and uncles that he had locked away years ago.

(Oh, what, you didn’t hear about them? Well, they overran the kingdom when he had gone to Bogsmarts to learn magic. If you don’t believe me, you can read all about it in Royal Revolt 1.)

And then he threw a great feast in their honour, and proclaimed each and every one of them king – even his aunts.

(Oh, what this time? Females are usually made queen? Well if you know so much, perhaps you should be telling the story, not me!)

And with that he gathered up his magical blue tent of doom and his selfie stick, and got upon his white chicken named Bob, and set off for Flaregames headquarters. There he met his citizens, whom he had given an evacuation warning the morning before. Yes, they all rode chickens too. It’s a lot of fun, riding a chicken. You really should try it some time.

Together he and his citizens watched as the Zombies took over the island. It was a very emotional time for the king.

“O my poor suits of armor!” he moaned. “But don’t worry, my beauties, I will come to rescue you in the morning and put you in the magical white box commonly known as “washing machine”, and I promise you will be good as new.”

And when the sun rose up, the heat of its rays burned all the Zombies and they exploded in little green puffs of smoke. The king returned with his citizens and declared the day a national holiday, known as Zombie Apocalypse Day. For years to come, when supper was over on the last day of the third-to-last month of any year of the reign of the strongest king the lonely little magical island of Flaregames had ever known, all the citizens would dress up as Zombies and go from farm to farm and tavern to tavern, celebrating the victory of their king over the Zombie Apocalypse. And when all his citizens walk up to the castle steps at the break of dawn, the king will be standing there with his selfie suit and his selfie stick, taking pictures with all the citizens who desire one.

(See? I told you it was a fairy tale.)


Zombies zombies and zombies every where ,  like movie they are really messing my whole army .  They bite my knights ,  wolf ,  monk and they becomes zombie. What can i do that time i started to use insta canons but they become zombie too.  Now i’m stared worrying how can i win. Using spells scrolls making my army converted into zombie. My army become against me , now i have no choice and they killed my king .  End of the story. 


Hi my player name is utpal 1 here is my story.


It was happened 3 days ago before Halloween. My kingdom was running with peace & came. I listened a rumour about zombies that, they are planning to attack my kingdom. I doesn’t believe spiritual things like ghost & zombies. So I can’t take any steps against them. But rumours be came true. One night I saw some people of my kingdom running here & there and shouted sacredly. I sent some knight to keynoted . They returned with terrified & told me about the zombies. Then l didn’t think anything, attack the zombies. I haven’t enough time to prepare well. I lose the battle . The zombies are destroyed my kingdom. Now I’m deport by the zombies.

ZombiesZombies were already attacking my kingdoms, while I was on my bed with my dearer queen my trusty knights were fighting for me,my kingdom and their faith with my duengeons monsters. I was awaked by my wife, I looked through my window ? I saw the dead were invading my kingdom, killing my army and making them zombies. They rushed into my room and killed my lovely wife and then one them bit me and then somehow I manage to run and I hide in my silo the food  supplied runned for 2 days .I thought I can get help from my friend but I was already turning. While I was going to my nearer kingdom, in the way I was start getting a bad feeling. I start vomiting, everything was seeing double, the last thing I saw was I bright yellow ball in the sky( Sun) and then my eyes closed and my last breathe ran out. Then my eyes opened and I saw I am alive, I was on my bed and second awesome thing was that I was with my sexy and lovely wife on my. I picked the bear from fridge and get into bed and then !BOOM ?;? BAM BAM ?!??   I shaked my bed all night.


I was just casually playing Royal Revolt 2, when suddenly my screen started flickering and making alot of noise.

A huge portal appeared, and Tron guy appeared.

He asked me for help in his digital world.


Little did he know about the dangers he unleashed by leaving his portal open.

As my Royal Revolt 2 was still open, the zombies started pouring out the portal that Tron guy left behind.

Tron guy had no idea about the damage he caused, he quickly closed the portal, but to no avail.


The zombies quickly started to convert people into their minions, humanity didn’t stood a chance.


Tron guy paniced as he was afraid to be converted aswell.

So, as the coward that he is, he said he better go help his homeworld as they were still in trouble aswell!

He opened his portal and vanished, however, the forgetfull Tron guy left his portal open again.


This gave the King and his troops the chance to enter the portal and fight the zombies on earth.


The King used all his powers, but this massive power had a negative effect on the unstable portal that was still open.

The portal kept growing, drawing everything nearby into it.

Tron guy’s world, aswell as the King’s kingdom, all got taken over by the zombies and their minions.


The king had to give in, there was no way out of this trouble.


He decided to become one with the zombies, the Mad King that rules them all.




My History

It was a day like all the others, doing normal and Playing RR2 things, but suddenly a very desperate news in Jonal appears, an unidentified woman surje inside a forest near the square, nobody knew what this woman had, the only thing you noticed was a sound far were gemios, yes groans that came from that person and despairing a couple seeing that covered in blood woman tried to help and suddenly this woman grabbed rapas and bit into her neck, all around are desperate to estvam seeing there and try to take pushing the woman, but soon followed it bites girlfriend’s first victim and when least expected the man who was bitten the first time turned into something like that woman, and her eyes dripped blood and this man attacked many people who were there and were turning increasingly people but, suddenly appears a police car and far observes that confusion and shoots up.
_ pow pow pow _
He drew attention those things
People nearby said they are not but they
All these people are crazy, niguém understand what is happening here.
Then the police at once into the car and left that place and warn the barracks, something bad is going on outside. People are turning into other things, creatures and are one biting the other.
Alert the media about this occurred urgent
Telling the press after hours they pasao and helicopter on site and far see the size of the destruction that occurred in those hours only and see people on the street trying to run and hide, others shouted for help, but to no avail.
And I see this news in the newspaper at that moment and I see that is not so far from my house these monsters and can already hear the outcry here.
This is the day that the Zombies destroyed my kingdom

My name in Game is Caboquinho do Norte

Well, this is the most realistic and sad story about how my kingdom was destroyed because of zombie… 

My older son, 13 years old, put his zombie costume and decided to show it sends to scary us, so he put out the lights and started to scream, unfortunately this was just at the beginning of my battle, I laterally dropped my phone and lost the battle with 0%. Gone my kingdom. Don’t know if this is the most funniest story, but it is the most true one for sure :)))

IGN Rippler

I found zombies quite interesting. They give you more support in war if they are onyour side.

i was raging war against someone who had zombies defense, I used insta troops for orge, i was hoping that it might eliminate three to four towers on that crucial stage but suddenly enemy zombies emerged from the ground and turned my orges zombies against me . I lost because those zombified ogre attacked me.

the saddest thing is that i lost almost 34 trophies.

i did not used resurrec because my other units were far behind.

But when these zombies are on my side they die very soon.


Once upon a time in a far away kingdom, there was a greedy king named Barbaroso. His greediness had consumed him and he all conquered almost of his neighboring kingdom but there was one kingdom he cant destroy, the kingdom of Flare. He tried all of the battle tactics and hired all of the most fearsome warriors but none of them made it. Until one day a very mystetious necromancer came to his kingdom and offered his service to the king. The necromancer told the king that he can make an army that cant be killed, the army of zombies and he can summon them for a thousand pieces of gem. The king didnt think twice and gave the necromancer a thousand gem to summon the army of the dead. The night has come, the necromancer begin the ritual in the grave of the kings’ fallen warriors and the dead come to life but they have no mind and they have no soul, they do not know who they were before. The army of zombies began marching towards the greedy kings kingdom. The zombies destroyed the kingdom great gate and they slaughter all the villagers in the kingdom and all of the dead rose again and become a part of the zombie horde. The zombies reach the king in his throne sitting waiting for his death. The king didnt knew that his greed will become his end. But he never ceased. He stood and took his sword and fight until his last breathe. 


There’s my story. Not sure if its short. Haha. Hope you like it. Thanks


Ign: Barbaroso