Hammerstrike: after shock lv 6



congratulations. :sparkles::tada:Thank you for showing it to everyone.:wink:

Wow already! congrats👏

I received an “one time offer” with 3 unique super items, 10 hammerstrike runes at level 2 and other 20 runes (96% at level 1, 4% at level 2). Price is at 1k gems instead of money.

I got this one time offer

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So that’s it. I received a smaller offer.

About 2 weeks ago, I received another “one time offer” where I must spend gems instead of money.

Now I can confirm that lv 6 rune is full lv.


and the Hammer x2 is working?

After reaching level 130, I haven’t received yet one time offers where we must spend money.
I prefer to spend gems to improve my offense, my defense, my skull gear, to help my alliance, to extend my inventory slots, to collect all maxed unique super items and pro items.
I’d like to know if Flaregames and Keenflare changed again their commercial strategies.

Can u make a video on the Hammer strike

Its from my alliance team member, i requesting my friend to make a video, i cant imagine how much he spent.



I want to pay homage to all the pioneers of RR2.
Let me thank you and your friends.

Congrats on your Double hammerstrike! Rip sonic blast…

I guess everyone got this at about the same time. Mine’s so small! :rr2fritz:

The LV 6 rune description changed, there is a new line!

So it turns out the second hammerstrike does not do full damage. The gold text above 40% to 70% translates to “Aftershock Damage”. It looks like the damage of Aftershock must be random based on the original damage.

Second hammerstrike will come 2 seconds after first hit on the ground.

40-75%, it will be fixed once u applied the rune on the spell.

That makes more sense actually. But 3000+ runes for an average of 57.5% on the second hit? I guess too much more would make sonic blast less viable in most situations?

thats a real joke for such a expensive L6 Hammerstrike Rune

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