Hammerstrike does not always deal Damage

I have came across this many times now in the last few days. Hammerstrike seems to not work everytime or on every structure.

For example, when I stand right between 2 frosttraps and cast Hammerstrike, one goes down whilst the other does not even get a little damage.

Anyone else encountered?

I use Hammerstrike since the day they improved it and i never encountered this problem. Maybe because of the little range.

I will try to make a video for this issue.

what is your range of attack ? in hammerstrike


in practice you have forged it only 4 times.

I have 3.34 range i can tell you that it works very well.

I know, that it is really little range, but it also does not work always when I stand right in the middle of a frosttrap (where range 0.1 should be enough).

Yes, same problems here in todays war fights. ?  I used hammerstrike 3 times in front of a basilisk but nothing happened. And no, it wasn’t the tail, the head was up. Next fight, same opponent and destroyed the basilisk with one hammerstrike. Too many bugs at the moment, very annoying. ?

Are you sure there wasn’t a heal tower or monks around, and in the previous fight you weren’t there at the same time and had the right amount of time to destroy the Basilik before the monks or heal tower healed it

My first thought was about the healing-wolves. But then I tried it with my own base and had the same issue sometimes. The problem is, I can`t reproduce it but it definitvely happens to me - mostly with frosttraps.

I’m not stupid, there was absolutely nothing around it, just the tower and my queen.

Impossible, hammerstrike is instant, so no monk, wolf or other healing process can revert the damage, when it does enough damage to take out a basilisk. Once pressed it will do it’s job. With basilisks however, you need to wait till the health bar appears (and even then wait a split of a second), otherwise it leads to a hit doing no damage. 

I don’t know if it’s your case, but when basilisk head goes up there is a second or two while you can’t damage the tower, exactly until their life bar it’s shown. Check it because it could be your case and as with sonic blast or firestorm you end up doing damage because of their duration, you might not notice it before.

Oops did not see this topic when i started a new one… Hammerstrike is Not working properly. Just fails to detonate? Definitly has an issue. I have been using it for 4 years… it is definitly a new problem! ??