Hammerstrike is dead again?

my hammerstrike can’t destroy lighting towers in 1 hit anymore ?

…even with equipment to reach over 20.000 damage 

…even against lighting towers that are not even forged on health 

Perhaps there was a health buff on the lightning towers to prevent from 1 shots

Why nerfed spells , units and pals

Just remove one spell from attack , give only 2 to use. As pals doing the works of spells

Cuz a lot of guys here asked to " Make defense strong again".

they did

  • Blunt damage from spells deals slightly less damage to all towers and obstacles except for Firebolt tower

thats it, and i wouldve understand the tower resisting the standart damage from the spell, that would be fine.

BUT hammerstrike with extra damage from forging + extra damage from perks to reach over 20.000 damage not being able to destroy a lightning tower with 0 forged health is just broken


don’t show me Hammerstrike is nerfed like all others stuffs. its the only thing I have. Version 4.0 is depressing :slightly_frowning_face:

By the way thanks to show us this. Before 4.0 my butt was kicked now my butt is kicked twice and triple times. I understand why I cannot win anymore.

PS : Sad I invest all my pearls in this spell to finally see this spells becoming useless and weak. If only I have know this then i have invest my pearls elsewhere. Double slap in the face I got and a kick in the balls

If we cannot use Hammerstrike anymore what spells worth it now? firestorm? Sonic has been buffed so I guess Flamestorm,Sonic Blast and Toxic Cloud?

It’s always the same: DON’T RELY ON ONE SPELL!!!

If you do… it’s your problem.

All my spells are evenly perked.  So it does not matter to me


But ceres pal.  Shit. Nerfed.  

I wish I could say the same about units and pals, but as a Wolf Ogre and Ceres user with bladestorm, it’s all a bit drastic.

btw, my post was about lightning towers on current defenses! not even on the new max lvl!!!

R.I.P. Hammerstrike 

Its always interesting how creator of their game dont fully understand their own mechanics… time to start playing your own game daily for 1-2 hours as a part of your job?

btw are they satisfied  after hiring FTB? :wink: maybe he created this disaster :slight_smile:

Just don’t understand they did so long for an update that probably will cause lot players will leave the game.  I know from 1 player, who spent lots of time in and outside this game that uninstalled the game after the last update today.  We can choose between spending more gems or loosing more fights.  And i guess, except the top players, most people won’t spent much more gems, neither play a game to loose more than before

People are making decisions and later are facing their consequences. There were many posts about what to change to improve game- someone listened?? NO. Just recently they have informed usthat they will hire someone to be a full time community manager… after 4 years???

I hope all the problems will be solved, it was a really really nice game.

its cool to be a little positive after all the topic and post since 4.0 but when you read old topic about 2014. Only one thing in commun with today. Flare never have listen since the beginning. its cool to have hope but at this point. I don’t think they will change and never will. Flare its Flare. Stubborn who don’t care of their customers. 4 year we wait they change and still not happen. So I don’t believe problem and all will be solve but who know miracle exist

You want your RR2 back as it was ?? we do what we can 4.8.2018 strike day. Why 4.8.2018, is still clear 4.0. I will not watch any videos that day or buy gems. Only then will flare give us back our RR2. If it continues, they will change it back. I thought you want to listen to the players. I do not want to trigger a discussion but just give it away and join in. All the players will be thanking the strike, whether today or in the future.

well, they didn’t mess up only ONE spell, they messed up a lot of players FULL COMBO!
and it takes a lot of time and resources to improve those combos

Hammerstrike, Bladestorm, Ceres… needed to be balanced, not to be destroyed



They only needed to buff towers, not nerf spells and pals

Why did I spend countless Pearl’s on a spell that is now worthless? It kills nothing. Was my number 1 spell now just a waste of 1000s of pearls

maybe they should make defense beasts stronger not just p2w no skills required phoebe?? if pro phoebe is so strong then why destroy ceres?

changes in spells power are significant for people with fully forged spells and additional forged perks on items- what others can say? by others  i mean not top players- it will be a disaster for them :wink: