Let us talk about the Spell Hammerstrike. In past a good online-friend of mine uses this spell in 3000-4000 trophy range and run fine with this. Current max Level is 18 and it deals 4.441 blunt damage. This is enough to one hit boosted Knight, boosted Archer, Paladin, Froster (because of current bug which ignores blunt resistance), Gargoyle, Pyromancer, boosted Arblaster and Mortar.




  • extreme quick cooldown with 7 seconds = good against waves

  • also with short range the spell can hit 2 nearby towers if king stand on good position between them

  • blunt damage is a weakness of most towers



  • short range

  • only instant spell


I like it to use my Hammerstrike against new boosted Arblaster waves or to finish boosted Wolf after using Blizzard against them. It is like an instant spell for Bladestorm, when I use it against Barricades and Blockades. Nice extra is that I can onehit Knights, which spawns after death from boosted Mummy.


Do you know good combinations or nice features for Hammerstrike?

Hammerstrike is a good finisher even if it isn’t maxed. When combined with popular touch-'n-go spells like Bladestorm and Sonic Blast, it can deal the finishing hit /ON EVERY WAVE/ after one use of a touch-'n-go. You just Bladestorm… Hammerstrike! Run to the next wave. Sonic Blast… Hammerstrike! Because of the low cooldown, it’s easy to alternate the other spells with it, so that you can always have two spells ready per wave (: One to damage, one to finish! >=D

Okay - now my Hammerstrike is LV 18. It is time to test combinations and power.


I have to cast 3 time Hammerstrike to destroy boosted Barricade LV 14. If I attack the barricade meanwhile with hero it will go down with 2x Hammerstrike. Otherwise you can cast one Blizzard & 2 Hammerstrike to destroy it. (maybe when Wolf jumps over it or stand nearby)


First hit


Second hit



1 Hammerstrike vs Fireblt tower (Max tower, 2 needed to destroy it)




1 Hammerstrike vs Poison tower (Max tower, 2 needed to destroy it)




1 Hammerstrike + 1 Blizzard (max) = does not kill max Skull tower


Well, that’s actually quite a lot damage once every seven seconds… Looks like I found my spell to upgrade after I finished blizzard in a week.

Here some Pictures about the range from Hammerstrike:





Without Barricade you can hit 2 Firebolt towers ins a row, too.

Thanks for this great info, G! :slight_smile:


Looks like hammerstrike is useful now :slight_smile:

I like it to finish Wolf after Blizzard + attack Barricade and maybe tower. Or finish Mummies spawning Knights. Will test combination with Shield + Max Sonic Blast + Hammerstrike soon to check massive blunt damage against towers near castle gate.


EDIT: aaahhh - not the best Idea to mix Hammerstrike with Shield and Sonic Blast against boosted Wolf and boosted Arbs + maybe boosted cannons.

Max Hammerstrike kill in 2 hit Skull Tower, Poison and Firebolt Tower but Max Sonic Blast kill in 1 hit Skull Tower, Poison and Firebolt Tower so which is the best?



2 hit to kill them = reload time 7s+7s = 14 seconds + instant damage

Sonic Blast:

1 hit to kill them = reload time 14 seconds + continuous damage

Same reload time we could say, but maybe sonic blast has an advantage because you can hit other things as it has continue damage instead hammerstrike you have only 1 chance so you have to be careful where hit .

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If you have a base with much boosted Wolf/ boosted Arbs/ towers which are too far away from each other to hit them with 1 sonic blast you can switch to Hammerstrike and be flexible. You can hit units faster than waiting for second sonic blast. Against bases with more defensive power focused in tower structures you’ll do it better with sonic blast I think.

Hi all,

for me is the maxed Hammerstrike the best suporter spell to your normal raid setup.

you can use him all 7 sec. and the best he make massive damage.

to demonstrate the strongness of this spell here a video against a maxed base

with maxed waves, troops and elite. maybe in midrange ranking where not all is maxed

the best spell.


It’s awesome how you manage to play without shield… for me it’s almost impossible, i have no resistances at all.

he is one of the highest level kings in the game his HP and gear offer him a bit more flex in his playstyle due to his high hp :wink:

And he uses scrolls. ^^ But I attack with hammerstrike every raid and be very happy that the cooldown gives me very much pushes to hand out damage against different buildings/ units.

Yes i uses scrolls but think about i play vs maxed bases and my elite two level lower then theirs. i uses less scrolls then most player against maxed bases. If you use the Hammerstrike in mid range rank it would be the best spell there.

I can also hide me in low rank like many high level kings and win my raids easy without scrolls. where is there a challenge.


Sorry for the OT, just to have an opinion, what is the ideal leadership value to start using mummies instead of cannons? Cause at the moment i have only 6,900 and i think it’s really too low to use mummies due to their costs in terms of morale.

Well i have 8000 leadership and you can start consider it, but supponing that during the raid you don’t spawn only mummy but also other types of units with different morale points you see that you need more time to spawn fast them, IMO the target should increase to 9K to practically spawn them

Sry for on topic - please stay on topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the videos, this again shows me why I’m upgrading my hammerstrike!