Happy about the community event

I’ve done alot of griping over the last while, but i must say that i am pleased with this event.

The gap between new and old players must close, and this definitely helps. 

I hope to see more of these in the future. It would be nice to see more top players and top alliances, and make some new friends along the way.

Agree, this event is really cool. Even if we’re complaining about something going wrong, we must say it when something’s good,   :stuck_out_tongue:

More events like this would be great, not a whole week, but events which last more than one day :slight_smile:  

Honestly though the week may seem long for many players the time to wait for existing upgrades to complete could go halfway through the week.

Most players are not aware of these things till they happen and then they need time to do something. 

Honestly getting this game out of the rigid and limited timeframe for players is the best thing that can happen and allow players to play when they have time.

Fantastic event! Can be great if we can have this kind of event each month. I enjoy it from the beginning :slight_smile:  

That’s actually not possible, since it is the main principle of the game : you need to wait a real time like in the real life. 


100% agree :slight_smile:  

Yes, this event is great, they gave us something very cool this time :slight_smile:  

It’s been a good surprise with this event. Totally happy

Good event. Important to acknowledge the good and not just the bad (like the gate tower event :slight_smile: . )

Great event thx

My point was having a larger window for these events is better for players.

We have rigid  timeframes for wars … fair enough

Ninja event has now been relaxed so groups of fights are done.

And this event goes over a week so plenty of time for all players to get the benefits of the event…

that what I mean by less rigid. A larger window is more flexible and provides more choices and options.

I think their surprize will be that after this event they close RR2)))

roo many events

Very nice event :slight_smile:  No stress, except my items pile up and i can’t melt them fast enough :lol:

I know the feeling. Even while boosting blacksmith, blacksmith can’t keep up with melting down items. I should put my workers in there to help the poor overworked guy :wink: .

Unfortunately they are also overworked, so I expect a strike amongst me. Hope they don’t demand less work soon.

First time Flare does something for the players LOL

Maybe I am asking for too much, extend the duration by 2 more days. :lol:

I love the events it’s super!!! 

Lol so true with rewards of Ninja event I am totally full of legendary items and my blacksmith is full and my upgrade list is full. No choice I must wait 1 day if needed before I can play again

So what’s your unhappy face look like?

I am enjoying this, as well, and especially the pearls.  I have been able to upgrade a lot of things.

A really cool event, especialy the Blacksmith one. I would to have events like this one more often :slight_smile: