Happy Birthday Royal Revolt 2

Great work team Royal Revolt 2. Happy 5th Birthday.


Happy Birthday to RR2! Great job keeping this game up for 5 years!!

Nice drawing sur… Happy birthday to RR2 too… Thanks for entertaining us all these years. 

Happy birthday to RR 2 from me too

Happy birthday RR2 ???


Happy Birthday Royal Revolt 2…

and happy birthday community!

Thanks for providing us with all the great moments! :grinning:

That is so cute. Thank you guys, well received and the biggest thank you goes out to you! The community!! Thanks for sharing all of those memories with us, thanks for supporting and challenging us and thanks for helping us making this game and making it better. We could have not done it without you! Thanks to all new players, thanks to the long-term players, thanks to everyone! :heart: ???

Happy birthday RR2! ?:heart:?

When pro set is coming to shop? As far as i remember it should have been added today :slight_smile:


What about any event to celebrate ? birthday??? 

Birthday Festival, 555 gems…I’d say those count as Birthday events

The thing which makes the game a par above than the other online combat games, is the graphics RR2 been having. Happy birthday Royal Revolt 2. One of the best games in the market. ?:heart:

Happy Birthday RR2! I just saw today the Birthday set in the PRO League Shop,

I think to help us celebrate the 5th Birthday of RR2 the complete Birthday Armor set should be one of the following:

FREE as a gift for all players who are active during this 5th Anniversary time

or… make the set extremely inexpensive to buy using PRO Crystals or gems

or… make sure all players get one of those “Special Offers” which pop up, and then make it again inexpensive to buy using real world money.


Happy birthday Royal Revolt 2! And we all waited for the action on the blacksmith and the citadel, on the birthday of the game.

Well for sure its really a great job they do. We know RR2 is on dead states since close the beginning. After 6 month of release pass 1 million players and drop at 250k players. Flare mistake have hurt this game over time. What Flare have do. Many players don’t have accept it and quit. Same today Flare do change and some quit. Today the number of players is too much low. When I see big alliance that I have watch grow over time and dying slowly by lack of number and see 30/61 or 22/60. Its very sad… all the effort each player have give over 5 years to reach this point. Its sad. The number of inactives player its huge. RR2 is officially in end game. 

I admire Flare to admit it when I have see Madlen mention it. However one thing yes is stunning but one positive note of all of this. Flare never have stop over 5 years. I have see so many company that will have just throw the towel and give up and close the door. Not Flare. So for this I will say a big Thank you. Same with all the bad poll who destroying them totally on this forum each year.You have never give up and continue to give us update and new stuffs and all each years.

On other positive note. Maybe RR2 is not really in good shape but…but never lose hope here. Who knows its not impossible they can attract more players and they can love it and all. RR2 will never be back on top with 1 millions player but with version 4.0 and if version 5.0 if this version is really well make can bring this game alive again. I don’t believe it but its not impossible too.

when a new player start we see there is only 140k and if you remove all inactives one maybe more low at around 100k. That was in April when I have restart the game. Today maybe the number is more high who knows.

We will never know what will be the future for RR2 but one thing is sure. For now the most important to remember is we have fun. The game is fun and we will play this game until the end no matter what.

So a big thank you to Flare to allow us to celebrate the 5 years of RR2. Its not easy far from it but you did it. 5 years for a mobile game I am tempting to say its very rare I think. No much game survive longer in this hard world of mobile. 



PS : maybe a 6 year celebration next year. We will find out in 2020