Happy Easter Landscape and Equinox Gem Dungeons

Flaregames should add a new landscape across all OS’s, called Happy Easter or something like that. Similar to the Android-only Happy Birthday landscape, it would turn all your knights into Easter Bunnies waving their little carrot swords. For those of you who don’t know, this landscape actually exists in Royal Revolt 1, although unlike Royal Revolt 1’s Android-only Happy Birthday landscape, Happy Easter did not make it into Royal Revolt 2. However, the Easter Missions in Royal Revolt 1 were some of my favorite missions in the game. 


Also you guys could add a new set of gem dungeons (Yes, I realize the likelihood of this is really small but I am sure I would not be the only player who would enjoy this) like the Equinox Missions in Royal Revolt 1. You would raid as some type of mage, and the level of your mage and/or king would determine how many you had unlocked. You could have a froster set and a pyromancer set, and for kicks and giggles on could say that you as a pyromancer or froster can only use certain spells and/or spawn certain units, although there would be no such limitations on the enemy forces. And to make these Equinox Missions even more different and difficult, one could say NO SCROLLING ALLOWED :slight_smile:

What do you guys think? I know I for one would enjoy seeing all this in Royal Revolt 2.

Some new dungeons or missions would be liked by many, and I guess a new landscape wouldn’t hurt anyone, though I wonder how you come to think of easter right now after halloween? :wink:

i would like the landscape in the dungeon :wink:

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However, this is a little off-topic, doncha think?