Happy Hanukkah!

Dear Community,


December being a time for peace and family, we would like to wish you a happy Hanukkah, also called Holiday of Lights! :slight_smile:


Have a nice day!

Whats a hannukah ?

Haha, Aether,


This is great! thanks for this thread!


And a happy Hannukah to all!


Hannukah, is about the rebel of the Macabees against the Greek Empire in the holy land.

The Macabees have beaten the Greeks and have freed the country. Then, in the temple they needed oil for lighting a candle for the liberation. They have only found one can with enough oil for one day. But there was a miracle and this oil was enough for the candle to be alight for 8 days. So, this holiday is also called a holiday of light.


Also, you eat a lot of doughnuts with jam during the 8 days. Very tasty. Then, all go on a diet for 8 months…

Thx, to u too:)