Happy New Year!!!

Поздравляю всех игроков и разработчиков с Новым годом! Я хочу, чтобы разработчики не останавливались на достигнутом и продолжали развивать игру! Игроки хотят расти быстрее, уважать других игроков, быть добрее и наслаждаться игрой! С Новым годом всех !!! ???:sparkles:???




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Thanks Bro <3

Happy happy middle dancing k8ssing girls wow wow

In the next year, my goals will be:

-transferring my account into my laptop (cooldown will finish in April);

-reaching level 110 (if I will not buy warrior package);

-donating 1500k gold every day;

-collecting a lot of unique super items and pro items (both of them must be at level 130);

-maximizing all my units, spells, waves, taverns, farms, obstacles, towers and other buildings;

-reaching tier 8;

-increasing my skull gear significantly;

-earning a lot of pal food, pearls, vouchers, gems and gold;

-collecting and donating a lot of pals (and pro pals);

-completing other quests;

-winning diamond League (difficult);

-winning  weekly Pro League (very difficult);

-winning monthly Pro League (even more difficult);

-achiving “Celestial landscape” (very difficult).

And happy new year to everyone!



(I guess Flare games will all die soon so…)

in RR2

* Hurry to up at level 110 and max all. So I will be happy to have accomplish close all and finish my video on that

* Hurry to do video I don’t have do like Dungeon and all

In Olympus Rising

* Hurry to reach Ascension Level 130 and max all (Probably in 1 month)

* Hurry to do video on stuffs I don’t have do like Odyssey on difficulty 8,9 and 10

if at least I have time to finish all of this and max all. If all games die then I will have accomplish and reach the end of the game before they gone :stuck_out_tongue: