Happy Thanksgiving to All The USA Folks!

And happy Thursday to every one else!

What does everyone have planned.  Any international Thanksgivings out there?

No, we are fckinh mad because flares add another 12 min in the last minutes and screw all what we achieved. Some lucky players just leap jump to to 20 out of nowhere

Seriously? You hijack a nice holiday message with the egg bomb.  Go away. 

Seriously, we dont have thanksgiving here in asia and the fact that Flares keep making serious mistake is what we need to talk about right now. Ok i ‘ll leave this topic for people to celebrating Thanksgiving.

happy thanksgiving friend! please can give us some information about thanksgiving? because I don’t have thanksgiving day on my country today :wink: :slight_smile:

There are no ovens big enough for turkey to enter -_-You will not find such an oven easily even if you go to a Japanese shop.

“Store for business restaurant equipment” would be found。。。 A turkey has never eaten besides  "subway’s TURKEY BREAST”

Congratulations friends of other cultures.

There are always threads you don’t relate to, but it is a violation of the ToS to hijack the threads.  It’s a violation of common courtesy to drop the eff bomb in what was intended as a friendly post. 

@flaretara @Archimedes  please close or delete this thread. 

Sorry. I was in a very bad mood because of Flares careless action.

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys. Eat less turkey and more vegetables ?