Happy to see events and log in bonuses...

Hey guys,


This is Jason Wivart here for those that don’t know my avatar on these forums. I just wanted to say good job on making special events like the granny sales, alliance party and others, this was something I talked with Jona about LONG LONG ago and then also finally the daily log in rewards are in the game! The new unit and the secrete new tower that is probably lurking in the next sneak peek shows promise to bring more fun back into the game and bring back some players that quit or took a break due to lack of new content.


Keep up the good work flare games and I know you can make the female king and more dungeons/PvE missions for players to look forward too!



Hey, RR2 didn’t teased a new tower did they?

no, but we do expect more than just the monk, it was probably a little part of the update that’s about to come, better save up your gems…this updates gonna be costly…

They did mentioned it will be the “biggest and the best” until now. Maybe a lot of the game’s feature would change. And instead of adding new tower they could add more levels too existing towers.

Nice to see you back also on forum Jason  :grinning:

Oh where did they say this one is gonna be the biggest and best ?

They did tease a new tower in the reply’s =)

Hmm yeah but did they really imply this would be the biggest and best?

or is that some random persons interpretation or prediction :stuck_out_tongue:

Facebook… hmm doesnt the kardashians pop up on all these social media? i try to avoid


It only says learn more about monk & what else is coming your way soon

"Royal Revolt 2

We can’t give an exact date. Currently, we are working hard to make this update the biggest & best one yet.

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Can’t post a picture bt I posted the comment :slight_smile:

They say it gonna be biggest update yet, so i expect more content not just monk

I hope the give us another teaser soon :slight_smile:

Mmmm I love being teased, specially with feathers

Great to see you back in action Jason :grinning: