Is there rules about constantly inviting people to your clan? I’ve received a ton of invites from a specific clan. I finally got tired of it last night and decided to start attacking them over it. First 3hits on their"fearless" leader yielded a bunch of gold, now another invite so robbed them again. Yes, the leader is the one doing it, only Gen or above. Its pretty odd, so figure worth asking.

Why not just disable invitations?

Just like Orko said, you can disable Alliance invites and/or Friend invites, in your kings profile.

This way:




Yea, I shouldn’t have to do that though, I’m not reporting anyone, curious about the legality of it. At this point, their just feeding me gold with it. Lol

Or just visit that alliance for a short time and politely ask in their in game chat if this is their usual mode of operating and that you are not willing to change alliances.

Very often it turns out one general is responsible for such annoying invites. If the others have any decency in them they tell him to stop. If this is the leader like you say and they will not listen, you may freely speak your mind. They will not like someone doing that in their group. ?

I’m a general and the reverse also happens a lot. Player that keep applying even thought you refuse them. I had one that kept applying for an hour. When this happen, I accept the invite and kick him immediatly. It feels good ! :slight_smile:  . I also put them in my fav list. I have one those player in my list for almost a year now. Great gold source (700-900k) that can be beaten with my gold gear (+240%). He’s also a stupid jumper. I can see him in a different alliance each day. 

When I feel bored, I invite him in the alliance so I can kick him again.


And he still accepts your invite? Stupid indeed ahaha

To be honest, he move from an alliance to another one so many time I think he just forgets. I’m happy to remind him tough.

And you do well.

God, how I hate jumpers  :angry:

not remotely surprised about people doing that to join a clan, I’d think we’d hold a leader to higher standards but w/e Lol. wishful thinking I suppose. Thanks for the info guys

Words of a wise leader … listen ?  and learn 

just curious, but how do you know it’s the leader sending the invites?  Our team has 6 people (1 ldr, 5 gens) who recruit. We all have our different ways and sometimes they cross paths, but not on purpose.  Sometimes I’ll send out 100 invites in a day but won’t get notifications that every one of them either joined or declined.  I try to stick to people who aren’t in alliances yet, but sometimes I forget I sent an invite weeks/months ago.  I try to be vigilant of that, but in all honesty, if you’re happy in your alliance, just turn off the accept invite button.  That way, whether on accident or on purpose, it wouldn’t happen again.   Sometimes we get deadbeats on the team and wonder who recruited them LOL but there’s no way to tell.

I know it was the leader cause there was zero generals. Lol

Its not harassment, its demand

Its good for u, ur stoke market value is high 

Why don’t u join them. For short time

And nobody is inviting me like this soo sad…