Please Flare do something about it. That make the game boring,annoying and make the game frustrating. I know my defence are weak. I need maybe few month again. I don’t have pearls and the time I level up one by one each tower and so on gonna take me time.There is a way to stop him or her or something I can do? Level 111 come on I am only 98 and he/her attack me like 30 times in 2 days  




lol @Mag someone hates you XD

I have not even attacked my favourites that much in a week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lesson: Do not mess with top players.

The only way to stop her is to apologize… :grinning:

 Or, Surrender and Open up Your base… :slight_smile:

Funniest thing I have seen in a while, why asking for help warrionator, you know everything, or that’s the way it comes across on here. I suggest do what has been mentioned above, apologise, god help you if she decides to use troops.

OK close this topic

What I just see? :open_mouth: guys you are more mature than that? since when a game serve to do a personal vengeance or whatever? Grow up!!! When someone ask for help the goal its help him and don’t laugh at him/her. We are on a forum here there is no place for this.

Keep your personal attack elsewhere.

@Warriornator I don’t why all this person have against you but one advice just stay wait few days from this forum they forget you a little bit :grinning: and i wish you good luck!!! you don’t deserve all this. You are welcome like everybody else here

sometime people have nothing to do in their day and its their fun for them to laugh or spit on someone. We are on forum everything can happen. Don’t worrie just ignore them :grinning:


I am a firm believer in free speech and I don’t like hitting anyone on the forum outside of war. To me it’s poor taste, but You may not know it but you come off poorly the way you talk to people. The Thanksgiving post where you compared the holiday to genocide against Native Americans is just one time. The time you made fun of people not understanding time is another.  How about when you talked about the French people. From what I believe about Mag  if you apologize for whatever you did she would stop. You have help the community too and not trying to be mean here.

I think the funniest thing is Mag liked your post.


Wow amazing!!! look all this gang of loser here who cannot respect the others opinions or respect the others. I don’t believe it. Punish someone because you don’t like what he say or the way he say his opinions etc… Really? I don’t know but we are in a free world and its really a cheap shot from you

You know english its not the language of all here. We cannot be all perfect like you all here sorry  Maybe if some of you can be smart enough can understand fast english its not like French or Spanish or whatever else.

Can be a possibility what he say in english cannot be the same what he would like in french or in others language.

Seriously laugh,punish or whatever someone because its not like you?

I never think to see in my life that kind of stuff on a forum or a game. Intimidation? really?

please close this topic. its a off topic and that don’t respect the rules. that going too far

please close this

Mag, if your second account is harrassing Warriornator, I kindly ask you to stop. Even if you hate a person that much, spoiling someones game is not done. If it is someone else, I also ask you to stop this crap. Very “mature”, raiding someone a lot of times every day. Even if you really hate him for his answers, this is not the way to act.

Second, I remind you that Warriornator is in my team. So stop this nonsens and leave Warriornator alone. My team protects their members and maybe I am not in any position to solve this personally, but I want this to stop right now.

If there is some reason for this childish behavior, just discuss it.

I want to tell the same, don’t mess with my team members. I see your alternate account is in that same team. I ask one more time to stop this crap. Yes I know also the history, maybe not so nice reactions are given by Warriornator and maybe Mag indeed hates him, but this is immature behavior.

Let’s burry this vendetta and stop raiding.

As Dena4 mentioned, Warrior is in our team and we are always protecting our own. Nothing else matters. Trophies, gold, food or anything.

There are many raids on all of the players in the game. Some will even put you on their favorites list and visit your base daily. Maybe for your medals, ease of base, offered loot etc. This is a normal situation we all live with every day.

But non-stop raiding of a player by a 13 levels higher one, is a harassment. It’s immature and must be stopped immediately. If not by the harasser himself, then at least by his teammates, who value the reputation of their team.

Some are suggesting apologies here. People I always respected for their integrity and value their opinions. You probably look at it as a joke, but this time you are making a big mistake. These suggestions only encourage bullying of lower players by higher players.

When people disagree or argue upon any issue, it should not be, in any way an excuse for bullying. This is only a game. A mean to enjoy, relax and fun. We are all different: countries, ages, nations, religions, mentality, background, gender etc. Still we can all play together despite all those differences. This is one of the basics of this game and one of the greatest things about it.

If bullying would become a common practice in this game, it will very soon cease to exist. We will all lose.

This bullying must be stopped here and now.

Edit : I reject my apologies. its not me but her to give me apologies I guess. Bullys its not accepted 




No Warrior, no apologies, this will only encourage more bullys to do the same to other players. Bullying must be stopped without any conditions!

Yes I am  frequently there and I can only help with donations. Well me raiding your base is not a sign of gate rather knowing how to clear range troops. With uberarbs, I do a horrible mistake and die.

I think we all have a little bully in us if we like this game. We raid real people and I have people that I have raided a lot more than Mag. I like it if they are close to me in strength and the craziness one wins. Have respect for Genie and Master and the fact that they stand with their teammates.




I think we all have a little bully in us if we like this game. We raid real people and I have people that I have raided a lot more than Mag. I like it if they are close to me in strength and the craziness one wins. Have respect for Genie and Master and the fact that they stand with their teammates.




What’s with those double posts?

Thanks William :slight_smile: