Has Anybody Else Noticed

There is a 0% chance to get gems from the CoF unless you spend gems. You can be farming in full luck gear and get 3 chests almost every time, but if that 3rd chest is going to be gems, you have to spend gems to get gems. Is this just me with this experience, or is this a planned way to try to gem for that 3rd chest (whose chances actually go down as you spend gems consecutively to reduce your chances of getting said 3rd chest whether they’re gems or not)? Just wondering if anybody else no matter what does not get gems, unless they spend gems. This is why I purposely do not spend gems for the 3rd chest, and notice that I have never won gems ever, unless I felt like spending gems in the moment to discover that pay wall. I feel like it’s an unnoticed trend or a concern that would be dismissed for me pointing out. Other players feel this way and notice these trends of reduced chance of 3rd chest as gems are spent and no gem winnings unless gems are spent (which are exclusively 3rd chest, no other)?

Thank you for any input, hope this perception of my intuition isn’t wrong.

I don’t think this is true, there’s just such a rare chance to ever find gems in the CoF and the gem reward can ONLY be found in the third chest which makes it even more rare. You can get it without using gems, but you just have to be extremely lucky

I see gems quite frequently and never win them unless I spend gems. So hypothetically let’s say for example if I played the game for 100 years how many gems would I win for absolutely free? I’ve played about 2 years myself, maybe more idk now, so all I have to do is ask about 50 players and that gives us 100 years of playing the game.

So of those 50 people that might be here on the forums, how many have won gems for free? It’s not me, that’s 2+ years of experience worth showing a negative result. Maybe it is so rare it doesn’t happen but once a century for any given player, but I just want to know if it’s 0.001% or 0%.

Like I said, you have to be very lucky. 50 players is far to little of a poll to draw a conclusion, but I have seen quite a few players that have earned this reward without using gems, one of them being our beloved Flothaboss

I’ve played for just under 2 years have received gems twice and did not use gems for a failed attempt. Guess im lucky

Gems you will only find in chest successfully opened number 3 and only when you spend at least one times gems. I think you didn’t realize you spend gems @Iceman7 when you got those. There is absolutely 0% chance to find gems, unless you actually spend gems.

At the first years there was no cof, when cof was added, we were able to find gems there. Later they adapted it and since that moment you need to spend gems first. Having said that, I only continue opening with gems during war seasons (and maybe conquest in case it is a close war). 

Can tell you that I often find them after spending 2-3 times gems (30-45) on cof to find the skulls. 

You can only get gems in the cof, when you spend gems. So at least 15-30 gems and then you have a really loooooooooow chance of finding gems in the last chest. I got gems in the cof, maybe 2-3 times in 3 1/2 years

In cof look for the blue “i” icon. Click it and you can see the probabilities for your next draw in cof. (Scroll down to see all entries in the list!) It is updated after each draw, btw. The “i” icon also appears when you’re asked if you want to quit or pay 15 gems to continue. Only after paying in the later case, gems are added as possible win. Before paying, gems are not even listed as possible win.


When I wrote my posts I thought I had received gems from CoF without using gems, so I went through my screenshots for some proof…here’s what I found lol

i have no clue if the other topic about this still exist. Probably somewhere. i will repeat then what I have said. In 2015-2016. When I have started my first account the COF was generous like OR. Just open chest randomly and get 5 gems,15 gems,25 gems,etc… Probably that was too much easy to gain gems. I remember in 1 week I have got 200 gems. COF was too much generous but that was easy to unlock 3rd spell/unit and all the rest but at 1.8.5 with Voucher Bazaar. The gems was still available because at this time. Voucher was only available or close via Voucher Friends. So gems was still necessary 

At the moment the blacksmith appear in the game with 1.9.5 gems have slowly decreased because blacksmith was a P2W stuff but its a little later Flare have decided to remove completely the possibility to gain gems via COF and reduced this to 0%. Worst logic but its like this since over 3 years. You want gems you must spend gems

So in a way its this decision who kill RR2. Gems was easy and this have help a lots of new players in 2015-2016 but Flare around 2.0 have started to be attracted by P2W content and slowly removed all Free to play content one by one. I remember all the complain and a ton of topic. You have understand that was not beautiful. So at this moment RR2 have become close 80% P2W and 20% free. So a lots of player who started in 2014 have stop in 2016. This worst decision have kill Blade storm and others huge alliance. A lots of veteran have stop playing this game

Developer decision are not always the best. its only last year CaptainMorgan have told me via a exploit I have found in OR about gems gaining in chests. That was the decision of Flare to make RR2 pay to Win and OR Free to play. That is the difference between this two. Of course you can unlock all for free but you will need in a slow process maybe over 2 years or more to have blakcsmith all slots and alliance tower maxed

Still today with the confirmation button who allow us to accumulate gems now and all way to obtain gems. I don’t know maybe not that bad after all.


Upper middle you paid gems for it seems. There simply are no 4 prices. Sure, you can find them after paying 15 gems, but the odds are lower to open all three chests without luck gear.

So now it’s up to the players who say they didn’t pay gems to give us a screenshot of cof where 3 chests are open with prices and 3 laughing skulls and one of the rewards is gems. There simply is no such screenshot, since we need to pay gems, before we have a small chance to find gems.

I remember that was funny in the past. A lots of us have try to find some pattern to find gems. A lots incluing myself have try to show the result for 200 result or around. If you open 1,2,3 what happen. 4,5,6 what happen,etc… That was funny. I don’t remember well but at final we have conclude this was pure randomness and someone was able to gain 200 gems in a week. others 400 gems and some 0. that was a wonderful old time when RR2 was close totally free to play. A good era

I never use gems in COF (besides by accident gg) but I`m pretty sure to found some of them already in chests. Very seldom, but I did.

the problem is its hard to believe when someone said I got them in COF. Maybe by paid 15 gems? for free with doubt. Like Dena4 said this is no such screenshot here on forum to prove it. You know screenshot are better than speak. A lots of us do over 50-100 battles a day. We conclude there is 0% chance to obtain gems. the last time I have got them was during a Ninja Event when the Ninja coins was there. So over a year or 2 but by paid 15 gems

You know that I have a youtube channel so like in OR when I open chest I love take screenshot or video when I do something wonderful. Like obtain 11 gems in a chest or 15. So if that was possible trust me long time i have do a screenshot or a video

To be honest I cannot believe the one who said i got them in chest. Not for free. 0% chance. you can do 500 raids a week. Still 0%. Same if you have 200% luck gears.

like many of us we will believe it the day someone will give us a screenshot with 3 rewards in it. until than its just speculation and nothing else

I confirm now there is no more way to obtain gems without paid gems. You have right Gems are not listed in the list. that confirm the 0% chance



Perfect answer.

Thanks for the evidence WN! Sad to see that this is, in fact, true. Even an 0.1% chance would be good lol…just a smidgen of hop. I guess this solves it though

What about war/conquest?

I dont take screenshots of chamber of fortune because I don’t obsess over the smallest details of the game. I know I have got gems twice, I know I don’t use gems in cof (except in conquest/war). Maybe that was thr 2 times during war/conquest maybe not believe what ya want. Has someone added up the probabilities icon on 3rd try to see if it equals 100%?

That’s probably because of the luck bonus that we have now

Before we had that bonus in the game, gems would appear there way more often, but always as the 3rd reward, which was really hard to find

But luck bonus highly increases the chance of finding all treasures in the Chamber of Fortune, so that change kinda makes sense
It’s a bad change - because we used to receive more gems on Chamber than we do now - but makes sense

I found this old print,
lower amount of gems than what we see now, but at least it was possible to find them without having to spend any gems for it: