Has Anybody Else Noticed

I was just looking into this myself, and what I learned was that the probability is the probability for the next chest to be opened. Be sure to check this probability on the 2nd successfully opened chest, haven’t gotten around to it myself yet. Will pop some luck gear on and check back to confirm.

I found it, here are my results:

First pic is my second chest, no skull found and no gems spent.
Second pic is showing I failed, found a skull after clicking for my 3rd chest and failing.
Third pic is the new probability after spending the gems, before opening 3rd chest. (I got pearls btw)

Never find gems in CoF, also never used gems in CoF except have to find skulls … 

I can open 3 chest all day long and the third chest usually gives me something lame like dog treats, gold, or some low-level gear.  The only time I think I’ve ever seen gems in the CoF is after opening 2 chests and the third is the little punk skull laughing at me as he opens the other chests to show me I COULD’VE gotten gems if I had actually picked the 3rd chest correctly… ? LOL

Gems at the chamber of the fortune were removed at version 3 (it’s also my first displeasure) and Alysea/Aether retired few days later. I would like to know the reasons why they were removed from the chamber of the fortune and I want their return.

I also noticed that in the third chest, there is a disparity of pearls: there is about the 50% of chances to find 10-20 pearls and the remaining 50% of chances to find 50-100 pearls. It’s even worse than pro chests (also in that case there is a disparity of pearls because we can find 500-1000 of them).

so 4.0% chance in the 3rd? Maybe that explain why its close impossible to find one. I got 3 chests with 4,5,6 maybe 2 times in a day lucky if more. I use 4,5,6 because seem to work great. Still if that was really 4.0% long time someone should have got them one day or another day. I will continue to say I don’t believe the one who said I got them or twice. Nah if you don’t want to show us screenshot I don’t believe it. If that was really 4.0% long time someone gonna have a screenshot got them in 3rd chests. Over 150k players and over 1 Million raid per day and no one have a screenshot of them who get them in 3rd chest with a 3rd reward?

that was not hard to believe in 2015-2016 because the % was probably around 10-15%. So in a day that was super easy. Around 2.5.0 with Ninja Event that start to change for 4.0 % but we don’t have it the list % before so its hard to know the real % in the past but everyone who have start in 2015 know how gems was huge  

PS : thanks Darkerion for the screenshot. yeah i remember that was not 2 or 3 or 20 we got in the past but depending the level can be 20,25,30 or 45 and around level 20-30 that was possible to get 50-60. So yeah if many don’t have get this chance to play RR2 in this time. So sad that was really a good time to play RR2.

first of all, not everybody is making screenshot of the gems found (even if it s really an improbable event that occurs rarely)

second, there are maybe 150k players but how many are present on that forum?

lastly, how many will ever read this thread…? 

Nevertheless, I can tell you that since the change of CoF mechanism, i only got that gems in the third chests 1 or 2 times…and I m playing almost everyday 1-2h at least…and I  pay for chest only in wars.

The odd to get the gems are very low, but it s possible…

Next time (If) I found gems, I ll post it here ?