Has Flaregames made a mistake?

Who thinks Flaregames has ruined Royal Revolt with Alliances and Elite boosts?

They have made a bigger mistake than I thought they had, clearly by the reactions of members. It still has a lot of potential so I don’t think it’s ruined. It’s just how they get everybody back on there side. Will they just let time pass and see what happens or a gesture of goodwill, who knows.


For me If I see another update that is soley about them making money I won’t be happy. Not when there’s a million things they could be doing that could benefit the whole community.


If we are asking for content more frequently, then things like the windows error (not playing for days ) is going to happen which is what angered a lot of people. Then with all the gem stealing they done, with the audacity they did. “Redistribution” the nerve.


A lot of bad things went wrong at the same time for them.  At a time when people was hoping for so much and got so little.


The revolters will revolt. It’s in their nature.

RRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!! I keep forgetting to make these _public _polls… not even I can see who votes for what…

If you guys think they made a mistake then you’d might as well quit playing the game, flare games has been working their asses off to keep this game entertaining so i’d say just leave because this is an amazing game they have created if you think its bad just leave :angry:

Ive resisted the urge to speak on this topic as developers never stop suprising me with updates that give new life to an app that seems on its last leg.

Flare games has only begin.


but eventually, we are all going to have to let RR2 die to make way for RR3 while the market still has intrest.


I vote let RR3 devopment begin!


These apps and phone technology move too fast to get greedy.


Take your fan base and go next level.

I doupt they were planning on any of this kind of money and attention.


Its time times like this that define a gaming deloper or any profit-wise corp for that matter.


it will be ineresting to watch and I would be happy so see them succeed.

That’s disappointing Mr. E might as well leave the forum as well

why would you want to have RR3 so early ? I paid a lot for this RR2 and you want it to go to waste before I’m even done enjoying it seriously ? Maybe cuz you are free player so you don’t really think about the investment made by lots of other people to keep this game alive and improving


They will fix it Flaregames , just that they need to reduce the money squeezing policy cuz I think they’ve gone too far in making it a pay to win game because from the latest update , money spent are not really worth it I mean extra donation ? Yes I made quite a lot of extra donation already but I dont think its more beneficial than buying hero items or gold shield its not even more benficial than buying 12m gold for 2.5k gems !


Thats the thing they need to look at , the balance between customer’s satisfaction to the money they get.$0.99 for something that I can get in one free raid (200k gold to be precise) is just too much seriously.I’m hoping for thing to get better , take the money but give me and all the others (paying players especially) the fun thats it and I think its fair enough for a deal

I know many people have spent lots of money; e.g. http://forum.royalrevolt.com/index.php?/topic/807-money-gems-regrets/


But my problem with RR2 is that although it is alive, it is not improving; it is morphing into something else. Something entirely different than RR2’s original self: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=507784022663849&set=vb.273256826116571&type=2&theater



I agree… Flaregames ruined RR2 by a P2W mentality, but they even ruined the P2W part… you would need to pay $1,000 or more to “win”, or, e.g. max out sonic blast in one and a half months. But I am not sure Flaregames will actually fix this…

Do you mean me?



If you meant me, then, yes, I may very well leave. And within 2 months, too; It all depends what updates come out in the next 2 months…   But I will post polls every now and then to see how the game is doing, and how you guys feel about it…

just get the criticizing over with then

what would rr3 even be about?

Well, what is RR2 about?


Not much; you are a grown-up king driving out other kings, that’s all… 


No reason why RR3 can’t be about the same thing…

Judging from the poll results, everyone is scared of the thought of a Royal Revolt 3…

No need of rr3 now…

I don’t think its time for RR3 yet. Flare has yet to discover the balance between F2P and P2W and rushing to RR3 might end up as a slightly modified RR2 with more Gem-hungry mechanics…




Oh, and if you guys are firm in your decision to quit please PM me your IGNs and open your bases for us. (You’ll be inactive after a few days anyway so yeah… Hahaha.) peace


enjoy the game, gulid wars on the way…

Of the new version I don’t like the fact to buy the boosts with alliance’s money, I think that every member of the alliance should buy them with their money. I will NEVER use them.

Exactly!! This game is getting very complicated, and the only thing not complicated is that Flaregames wants your money…