Has Flaregames stopped support for RR2?

Since Sunday, 29th march, I’ve sended four requests because I can’t collect my weekly reward uber chest. I can’t collect it last weekend and I can’t collect it this weekend. Two times I’ve send a screenshot with my request.
For all request came the robotic answer: Give us 24 hours, someone will contact you.
There was now one contacting me.
Now I’m sure that Flaregames has stopped the support for RR2. Next step may be that they will stop the game.
If someone from Flare will read this message: The Numbers of my requests are 177774, 178763, 179013 and 179157
Wish you a good time


Hmmm, nothing happens in a world, yes?
So you need get your answer asap?)

Haudegen, I have players also still waiting for a response with same issue? I can only assume they are behind.


OMG, thought it was just me; it took them a few weeks to get back to my concern. I put another one in last week, figured this COVID-19 has something to do with it; there is no other reason for it.


of course everyone knows what’s going on in the world and everyone has understanding for that.
But here is clearly a 2 class society. I created a ticket yesterday and received an answer within the announced 24 hours. Not even after almost 10 days. But I already put money into the game, he didn’t … There is no denying that he is clearly put in the back …

It was not even considered necessary to provide brief information. So that he has the feeling that something will happen at some point. This procedure is the bottom drawer and if you then comment on your post ironically, I simply don’t have any words …

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I know what is going on outside of here, and you must have the golden ticket as I have now submitted 1 ticket LAST Thursday regarding the Seasonal event - a week later and still no response… Responding to own post, don’t see where that happened.

If resources are limited isnt it smart to use them for guys who spent?

I think its ok

But i dont care, cuz i never did any tickets and do t think its needed in this case

The bad thing is that he got the answer that he did not collect the chests and they expired … That is a cheek beyond compare, because for the first time the period for collecting has not expired and 2. he has screenshoots sent along and ticket created immediately when it happened. Such behavior is more than weak and very embarrassing!

May be. But another side its just a chests and for sure its not worth to worry about. Chest more or chest less who care

I would say its a crysis everythere and for sure this situation is the our of priority

A virus is no excuse, they either do their job properly or dont do it at all and stay at home. This game has been bugged since always. Its not the crisis causing it, it has only improved their capacity for making mistakes to a whole new level.

I m not agree. Ofc crisis is excuse.

Its not either or, its they doing they job but very limited by resources and doing only the main things.
There are no a lot of bugs in game, especially if you will see how big it become and how complex

Problems happens and for sure the best altitude is just dont care much

I understand what is going on in the real world, but:
In Germany we currently have around 63,000 active corona cases. That is one case per 1300 inhabitants. Flare has approximately 65 employees. Very unlikely to affect Flare. And at least the support for a reasonably reasonable IT company can also be handled easily from the home office.
So it is certainly not too much to get an answer within 24 hours. If only “we currently have problems, take care of your problem and will get back to you within the next 3 days”.
Not reacting to 4 complaints at all, but only when the case is made public in the forum is not the fine English way. It shows that Flare employees have no decency and no respect for their customers.
This becomes particularly clear when the information given is obviously also incorrect, as in my case.
The same error occurred to me a few weeks ago. Since it was obviously resolved very quickly, I received 2 uber reward chests with 5 and 12 days remaining. Now I have been informed that the chests have a term of 2 days and have expired unopened. Although I submitted my complaint immediately after trying to collect the chests. With screenshot that the chest was collected. I can only say: please stay with the truth and fix the whole thing

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I just say its a huge hypocrisy to say corona doesnt affect flare same as every business

Sorry, no mood to discuss more.
Its just a chests, none care about