Has one of the servers problems, connection failure

Problemi di connessione prima della scadenza della vendita attuale

Since 10 minutes connections fail. Flushed dns, restarted tablet and reset router. No connection. Tested my laptop, same.

Is there a connection problem and do others experience same? Was searching for a player, wanted to look for stats and after that, the connection was lost.

Especially now at the end of community week it’s important to do more xp raids. Cananyone confirm a problem?

Yes i have, whilst playon pro :angry:

Still cannot get in

I have the same problem on my windows 10 , no connection 

same here, the serevers are down.

Yup, same problem here. On win 10.


same here no connection on win 10

My alliance reports connection issues across all OS’s. Be that windows, iOS or android.

? me too

You are not the only. I have to do 16 battles in war as champ, forge my items with skull gear and collect gold to upgrade spells, waves, towers, (if possible) obstacles and (if possible) farms because all my workers are idle.

zelfde win 10,  now it finally states offline due off maintenece, im in conection is back bud few klicks here and there and con lost again

So it’s confirmed. And since it’s morning no developers or staff available. Hope this is solved fast, war season plus last hours of community week. Don’t end with an anti climax please.

@flaretara, @GalaMorgane, @Archimedes, can anyone do something?

Also on Android here.

And it’s weekend… 

Same problem ?

Yes, the site is down for me as well. And being a weekend, who knows if they’ll fix it.

me too   It will soon be LV 129。。。


")I will rest my eyes so please fix it in the meantime

WTF?? I have  32 fights to do!!! Champ …

weekend = flare doesnt work, bad time to this big problem.

Problem solved.

No, server unstable.

nop here, i can connect but if i push to the chat game or in the friend list the game fall right away.