Have a look :))

Biggest rewards I have ever seen  . Have you seen this too?

I’ve seen and raided 1.1m gold, becomes about 4m with full gold boost 

1100k+ is max

I find more lol

Well I got that too. But I was just able to get 2.5M.

Surprised to hear that you got almost 4M. That’s what I haven’t seen till now.

As you have mentioned about Gold Gear, I can understand it how that was possible. If possible let me have a look of such loot.

1.1*2.36 = 2.596 millions max so he lies (;

You are saying Fii Nami is a great liar.

Oh God he is a soldier of RL & he lies in the forum.

Alysea should really clear out the issue if a player is really able to loot 400% of their raid.

what is the maximum loot possible till now?

Is Fii Nami just posting a big lie all the time…?

Too bad its weekend we really will not be answered.


2 months ago, he was lie, but maybe we can do so lots of loots since the update i dont know.  The maximum loot one year ago was it : 


Alysea usually checks forums even on weekends, I guess because she doesn’t really need to be in the office to come here and post something, but maybe she doesn’t know the answer for this. She might ask someone about it, and possibly that person won’t answer for now 'cuz it’s weekend, indeed as KeyMen said lol

Anyway I would realy like a reply from Fii Nami abt his loot of 4M in single raid. If he want then I can show him my maximum loot but its jst half of him. That’s why I was surprised about how then hell he could do something which I couldn’t do till 17-09-2016. I never thought of that.

We are realt discussing the reputation of Fii Namii.

If Alysea says its possible then I have no doubt. I’ll try harder and post my maximum loot screenshot. Although I’ll have to censor my IGN & hero level even the colour. Still I’ll try to beat 4M loot. But it should be without the help of video multiplying loot.



1.1 is 100%

+236% = 336%

1.1*3.36 = ~3.7

I do a stupid error sorry  :stuck_out_tongue:  i am 

I am terminally s more

The max game generated loot is often in the range 550k - 599k for high enough players.
The max i personally have seen is 598k (have a look at those banned accounts, it’s there :wink:

Together with the max loot from chamber/taverns (which is 600k) you can get up to ~1200k
before gold boost. Those banned accounts are under constant attack, so they have nothing
in their chamber. Don’t expect to get 1.2m there :grinning:

4M is a white joke…

Highest I have raid was 889,000. My alliance has a 52% gold boost. So mine was around 1.3 after gold boost. I didn’t have any gold boosting equipment on.

This has not included gold in CoF or double gold video. I can see someone making 4 million easily if conditions are perfect.

My record was about 3.8m with 240%+ gold boost.Your math probably shit, go back to school lol too bad I can’t provide screenshot

I believe fii nami.  I have also found bases with 1.1mill gold at times in 4 to 4.5 k thropy range

Here, a reply.

Those math skills though

You dare discuss my reputation after saying all this offensive things lmao take care of your own reputation, I told you to leave forum ? Alysea banned you already, what a good reputation you have here.

30 months of experience in the game and a former forum moderator, I’d be stupid to tell big lies all the time ??