have fun Alliance Page

We do boosts and have fun!


Requirements :

-minimum 150k donations (lv 9 alliance tower)

-active and can make daily donation 


-Trophy score usually around 3000k at very minimum

-can communicate in English


What we do:

-Frequent BOOSTS! have fun :slight_smile:

-We maintain a permanent tough barricade boost, archer, cannon, and bomber. Also do knights when mummies are boosted

-We do other boosts from time to time as well

-WE HELP EACH OTHER!!! Give tips, donations and boosts.

-We’ve started a facebook group where we discuss alliance policies, help each other, vote, and anything else :slight_smile:


You can apply in game, but replying here or by sending me a pm will get you a better chance to join our fam!



We have an open space! Come join our fam :wink:

Open Space!

Gold Boost - 36%

Tough Barricade 24/7

Want a place to just have some fun playing the game? Join our family! One spot available.Gold Boost - 36% (With next member)

Tough Barricade 24/7

Triggering boost party in one day (We’re currently voting on which boosts)

Two spots available!!

Must be willing to do at least 3 fights per battle in the upcoming war :slight_smile:

Must donate at least 75k/daily and thinking about upgrading. Gold Boost - 36%

Tough Barricade 24/7

We are discussing when to start 24/7 archer boosts!!! Won’t be long :slight_smile:

We have been doing a lot of upgrading and many spots are available!!!


150k minimum donations, but feel free to apply if you are at 100k if you are working on upgrading soon


Level 39 - 44 spots

Boosted Barricades, archers, cannons, bombers 24/7. Knights when we have mummies

We should be top 30-40 team once we get spots filled up, and moving up quickly.