Have more rename chance

I changed my username few mouths ago. Because I create a channel three mouths ago, I must to change my username to make vedio, but I had used the chance. So I hope to have rename chance. 

I think there is only one name change allowed in total.

Yes, it is now.

I don’t think they will allow more renaming of names unless there is a huge request by many users or players.

I personally don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to change it as many times as you want. Just charge some gems after the first free time

Or just be eligible to do it every x days (once in 3 months or something). Every other game allows you to change your name several times but not RR2, because…what?

Vedio or video? Can you change your channel username?

If Flaregames decides to review the possibility to change “in game name”, it may set the limit of 1 per year.

In addition, I’m satisfied with my “in game name”.

Yeah, I am too, but other players are not. Neither of us speak for all players…

Yes, I need too. I want to change username because my username is wrong in Japanese. And I knew it until a week ago, but I had used rename change few mouths ago.

Me too. I suggest 1000 gems per change and once a year, to prevent confusion and spamming :slight_smile:

@flaretara, @FTB

yes exactly. I agree with this