Have you noticed beast diversity in summer festival?

First of all This is first time I didn’t decrease my trophies during festival event so I get a bit stronger bases than I usually attack but I noticed that 99% of bases have Phoebe in defence.

Still the most of them have paper bases and only thing dividing me to reach gate is Phoebe.

So this is real diversity in game…

i get pebob kyser archimis and frits

Yes specially by middle range players, the defense is based on strong beast but as @buuks said you can only see low towers in defence.

This lead i think to higher trophee level by the defendor who is obliged after to attack too strong players. Could lead to frustration.

the festival is quite difficult and tower are not weak, they are even forged also. i am facing bases with all the defensive boost like war boosts, pro boost, conquest boosts, elite boost with  phoebe beast as well

Range 5000+, 12 attacks for the first 2 chests, 3 wolf beasts, the rest is Phoebe…

Even the game knows…

The only two beasts I’ve faced are Phoebe and Kaiser. Killed Phoebe one time, but I died right afterwards. I can give you guys some advice, though, for getting past Phoebe in the festival. If you think that you won’t be able to defeat Phoebe, then when you first see him, barge right through and, even if you get tons of health taken off, you keep going. Let your troops hold him back while you go to the gate and get that second or even third crown. You don’t have to defeat Phoebe to get three crowns, it’s just harder

for me its just Phoebe and Kaiser. sometime the others but basically just Phoebe and Kaiser

lol yeah i find a base with bomb tower that still white and get my tent destroy just by phoebe alone lmao 

At around 3500 trophies all I face are Phoebes and Kaisers.

I get why lower trophy players are using Phoebe, but why Kaiser?

Kaiser is probably the worst beast in the game. It only takes a shield/heal right after he realeases it’s special attack, to 100% counter him.

They use Kaiser cause of the gold protection

I get Kaiser most of the time.

Kaisers sonic blast can take enemy kings by surprise. Players without shield ready or propper healing might die because of the damage over time from sonic blast.

I die each time I encounter Kaiser because my Monk still very low and cannot heal me. When I meet the beast my life is already at only 5%. The Monk heal bugs don’t has been fix with 4.0. Just hope level 4 of Monk if I forge them a little will be better or I will be forced to forget Nidhogg and buy the heal ring

Forget about Monk’s heal.

Go with the Shield spell (it only needs 1 forge on regeneration to work).

As soon as you HEAR Kaiser’s sonic or you see his sonicblast’s animation (not Kaiser’s animation), use Shield. You and your troops will not lose any health this way.

Hey did IBC invited you?

Why? No.

Pebob? Ooh, I want this new beast! Just because of the name, too!   


Then why you went to IBC for helping them?

After knowing your history they also throw you out of the alliance…

since the nerf of Festival difficulty. Now I see different pals : Howl,Archimede,Bucky,Kaiser,etc… I don’t have see anymore Phoebe. Of course because the nerf make the base so easy. I don’t have face any hard base since the change. The fun is gone :slightly_frowning_face: but the gold still there so its ok I guess