having fun, we need active players, LV. 60+ Trophies 2000+

Hi There Potential Having Fun member. 


If you are an active player who normally take part in most battles during war season, then read on!! 


_ Our Alliance level is 22. _


_ Current alliance rank is 780, bound to get better once you join up! _


We are a bunch of english writing members, mainly from EU and US. We are looking for_  active players. The general rule is that You are required to fight in all war battles of each war season. _

Some times life gets in the way, but the general rule is that you are active in all war battles and that you should at least battle half of the possible battles, but of cause the more battles you fight the better.


_ Alliance Requirements: _

  • Take part in the wars, as outlined above.
  • Hero Level 60 or greater.
  • Trophies 2000 or more when joining alliance.
  • Minimum donation 20.000 a day. You may be lower then this when applying but you should then upgrade your alliance tower to reach the 20.000 mark pretty soon.


_ Elite Boosts or War Boosts  _

  • We give boosts, when we are up against tough opponents in the wars. But outside wars we normally don’t use boosts.

That’s it for now, we hope to see you in our great alliance.  :grinning:




And now what are you waiting? Go to recruit new people ! They are waiting you !

One more thing If you are interested in joining, please reply and we will invite you in case the alliance is full.  :wink: