Hay alguna tabla de forja. There is some forge board.

Es decir, ¿se puede saber a qué nivel llegará un objeto verde si se forja hasta rojo?


That is to say, can one know at what level a green object will reach if it is forged to red?

Yes! At any point, any perk of any color and of any star situation, it is possible to know the red 1* the red 5*, or even the value of a refined item and so on.

It does depend however on multiple factors. The most important are, what dismantles you will use… max forging, using 4* dismantles is different than using 1* dismantle. Max forging, yields much more forging improvement.

Yes, but a green object, forging it to the maximum, all to 4 stars, what percentage will rise ?. 10% 20% or random

Like the difference between 1* and 4* forges, or what the increase to the final 5* Titan item is? What are you asking?


Nothing is random, in this case. It depends what you use. Perks have different increases, forge dismantle in stars (*) yields different forging %, color change gives different %, and there are some “tables” for that last part. But you can essentially make your self an excel, and calculate everything. All it takes is some test forges, the “result” in forging (not refining), is always the correct one which will be final if you do it.

A green item 1* which falls in the major category of perks (5% normal forge increase), forging it with all 4* and 5* titans, can multiply by 6,13 - there can be small differences. It depends on your level, and the perks values (but its only visible in very large differences). So a 20k Cool down item, can hit 120k+ plus.

Primer perdón para mi inglés. Veamos si me explico mejor, si un objeto verde tiene, por ejemplo, 1000 de vida, cuando lo fuerce al máximo, can you know what your level of life will be?

Yes, with minimal mistakes.
If you have a green that’s 1000 Lif on Hit at green 1 star, it will be about 2846 at red titan 5 stars (assuming you always forge it with max star items).


It’ll be like this:

| * green | 1000 |
| * blue | 1.296 |
| * yellow | 1.652 |
| * purple | 2.069 |
| * red | 2.548 |
| ***** red | 2.846 |