Heads up on the PL

Just giving the players a heads up on this PL. To start I’d like to just say that this was an awesome PL!! The name fits perfectly as well. Without further ado, here are the levels:

Level 1 - All Arrow Towers

Level 2 - All Bomb

Level 3 - All Arrow   <-- I think these are upgraded more than the towers in level 1

Level 4 - All Bomb  <-- Once again, upgraded more

Level 5 - All Frost

Level 6 - All Gargoyle

Level 7 - All Firebolt <-- Pretty darn hard round

Level 8 - All Snake

Level 9 - All Skull <-- Pretty sure this is when boosted troops start coming in

Level 10 - All Lightning and Celestial Eris

Level 11 - All Pro-Boosted Heal Towers. Hardest base I’ve ever faced. Didn’t get to the beast on this one or 12

Level 12 - All Boosted Basiliks

Hope this helps you all a little