Heads Up

Hi all, just a heads up that there is a malicious troll in the game named COCOPARADISE.  I’m just letting you all know.

There’s no reason for the players behaviour, never attacked them. The player has a tendency to constantly attack your base, on an hourly basis, (good way to test your defence I guess), and will contact others in your alliances with malicious content about you too, to a point of players leaving the game.

So sad really and the player never really gains that much from me personally, I even gain a few gems from time to time. Would be time better spent just playing the game and gaining gold to upgrade.

Yes, trolls everywhere I know, but name and shame as flare has no interest.



Can you be more specific on the term troll? Do you talk about them?

Its nothing you have meet a little project : Royal Revolt meet Trolls. Flare maybe have put one in the game and you found it lol

you have maybe just see a malicious Ogre in the game but if its look like this yeah its a malicious Troll lol  :

You know everything its possible in this world lol. Maybe you have see somewhere a troll who send malicious stuffs :


Whatever that is anyway thanks for the advice. Whatever the kind of trolls we will check in the game carefully if its not one of them lol





I love my ogres :wink:  and it’s definitely a troll, lol

Don’t be charmed by the cute face and pink hair of a troll!