Heal Aura Ring

I was doing some tests with my Heal Aura ring and,
not sure if it’s just a wrong description, if the ring is not working properly or if I’m just being silly but… ?


If my Viking has 20.110 HP and my ring heals 2.369 per second, shouldn’t the heal aura make the Viking go back to full HP in less than 10 seconds? Or am I missing something here?? 

Why is it currently taking around 40 seconds to heal only 1 Viking that is out of combat?


Good question.

secret nerf to heal aura? =D

They would never change anything without announcing it?

Thanks for the info and the video. We are currently looking into what causes the problem.

It has always worked like this. This ring has always had this bug.

The number on the ring does not match to the actual health being regenerated.

I’d say the real number is about 30 to 50% of the displayed number, meaning a supposedly 3000/s healing aura ring will only heal about 1000 to 1500 health per second.




I wouldn’t know because I got mine only recently after seeing everyone else using it, I’m a bomb kick aura fan ?
And when I searched about the ring on the bugs section there was no results.

40 seconds to heal 20k is only 500 health per second, on a ring that says 2.369 per second! So, in my case, that’s around only 21% of the displayed number.

If it has always worked like this, why it was never reported?!?? 

No way it has always been like that. It healed a lot, but since the update, it does basically nothing. Can’t build an army, can’t keep an army alive. Before the update, the ring healed so much, that you could build an army with ease. Always used the ring. Was the best in the game, but not it’s the biggest C R A P

Glad I haven’t update my game yet, still v.4.1.1
Oh this is why last 2 attackers on my less boosted base were suffering, scrolls+resu and defeat, heal ring bugged. They are the victims, fooled by FG hidden nerf.
Also glad I take a day off from game today, not doing any raid, real life wins again, always ?

They appear to have nerfed all the Items that were good…geez time to uninstall I guess :slightly_frowning_face:

So much for making the game better and fixing the bugs and being Honest and upfront. Still waiting for a response from a ticket I raised on Saturday… not gonna hold my breath tho

I can guarantee you that this heal aura ring NEVER healed the amount that is displayed. The real amount of health regenerated was about 30-50% of what the stat screen displays, it has always been like that.

Think about it: there are people with rings healing almost 4k/sec. For a king with 28k health, that ring would heal from 0 to 100% in 7 seconds. It’d be awesome, but it never worked like that.


Why it works like that and why did nobody report it? Well, that’s easy: because the numbers displayed in the stat screen don’t often actually correlate that much into the actual effect that you see during raids.

One obvious example of this is the Jexter Box. It says in the stat screen that it deals +10k damage, but it never actually deals that much to your king.


ps: Some people are reporting that the healing aura was silently nerfed. I’m not saying this didn’t happen (it may have happened), but what I’m saying above is how the ring works since the first day I got it months and months ago.

I don’t even use the heal ring and I’m noticing a change too

The ring I use, bomb kick aura, is working just fine

Something else seems to be broken after the update

Regarding the heal aura: We are aware of a display bug with how the heal aura’s values have been listed in the menus (this will be fixed asap). This, however, did not affect the heal aura’s efficiency in battle. What might give players the impression that the heal aura is less efficient, might be the fact that due to the earlier announced bug today that units are taking more damage under certain circumstances.


No it’s just not working … watch the videos.

The displayed healing value in the ring’s stat screen does not match with the actual real healing value during raids.

Big news lol

That number was never accurate/real. I wouldn’t be surprised to see my 3700 healing per sec ring come down to 1500 healing per sec when they fix the “display bug”.



But in my video the Viking is not taking any damage while being healed, so that bug does not apply here 

Are you saying that what is shown in the videos here is the normal efficiency of the ring? 
It takes 40s of the 2m43s that we have on raids to heal 20k HP on an out of combat unit?

Earlier today I double-checked the heal aura issue with the old and the new version and it has been like that with the old version as well.

So what’s the actual value? 2000 hp/ second is supposed to be 200 hp per second?

I see you edited out the “We are currently discussing how to proceed further.” part