Heal ring - get back my perks, gems

I/m very disappointed.

I have two heal ring and each of them i forg about 30 times. Of course i have to buy them in pro-league. Before update i have ring about 3000 heal per second, but now i have about 500 heal per second. Now i dont want these ring, because they are to weak and it’s rubbish. so please give me back my perks and gems. 

But nothing was changed on the behaviour of the Aura. Just the correct value is shown now. So they fixed some visual bug, thats all. 

Btw. it took them quite long to do this ?

Hi there,

We have fixed a display bug so that the values displayed are now the correct ones.

We already have a thread about that topic open @JaDwacztery. :slight_smile:

You can comment on this here:

I will lock this thread now because the other one is for feedback on this :slight_smile: