Heal spell

 Hello, I have  question about heal spell. How does it exactly work?

 I have level 12 heal spell with 3648 hp regeneration ability and 5s duration. What does it exactly mean?  Does it mean that my hero and my troops regenerate 3648 hp per second or 18240 hp per 5 second.  I don’'t see it in the battle  when i fight people but I can see that my other spell with duration like bladestorm deal 3581 damage  every second or 17905 per 5 second. 

Why the principle of their work is different, despite the identical description with duration mechanics?

the wording in wiki makes it seem worse, as if its 3648 divided by 5 seconds for 729 per second.

would like to know as well. 

Ehm, that’s basically the same. I think you meant to say 3648/sec or 3648 over 5 seconds.

it’s obvious that this is healing for all time

It was not so  obvious for me, because  like I said other spells with duration deal damage  that described in description every second.

In my opinion they should fix description. 

Anyway, thank you for clarifying