Heal tower pro boost not activated

Our alliances have heal tower pro boost for couple weeks, but today we dont prolong the tower boost because after the pro league event we will get the boost, yesterday i check only 300 points away to get level 4. But alas today at the end of the event the boost is not activated, this really crazy

this bugs happened in some members of my alliance and some not, the one that affected is on android system while the one who play on ios is not affected

btw event my password for this forums has been lost twice today, it seems flare got hacked very bad huh?

@MadlenMy alliance too.
If others can use the boost, we should be compensated


Hi delta5 and ukikotek,

In this case, please contact the customer support :grinning:



Hi delta5,

please write to the support of the forum provider if you experience troubles with your password. You can do so by scrolling down to the end of the page. Thank you and sorry for the hassle.


My other friends already sent bugs tickets in support but still no resolve on the problem, looks like it happened in many alliance that is located  in poland, this strange

Hi delta5,

Sorry to keep you waiting. Support is flooded with tickets at the moment, but they will get back to you asap.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

@Madlen @Sasch

Still nothing. We wrote to the support … for the second time … and another … and nothing.
How will this be solved? We’ve gained boost and we can’t use it, and others can …
Do we see injustice here?
After all, someones buy subscriptions, some get tickets from buyers … which dosn’t change the fact that we are lagging behind others

@Madlen @Sasch

Will anyone do something about it?
Name of the alliance: Elitarni1

@Madlen @Sasch @Nikko @PaSte
wow !!!
You turned on the boost 4 minutes ago … a bit late …
will players get any compensation?
And not only those who buy or take part in the Pro League.
We share when, who and how to start, to always have a boost PRO, so we would like some compensation losses
(maybe a Pro ticket for every member of alliance?)

thanks Finally the boost is activated, the problem solved. Good works for flare dev team. Hopefully the bug is permanently fixed.