Heal Tower range is confusing...

You have like 7.00 range on the Heal Tower, but the fire damage of the pro Heal Tower reaches you like it has 12.00 range (like 1 path more) Please in the map of the base enlight the towers and the area that are affected by the healing and the fire damage area ! Thank you a lot!

YES! I hate the range of the heal tower and it is really confusing, like you said. The Pro Boost is great but to get the full effect of knowing the area affected, I think putting it on the map would just confuse players more. Imo, I think that this could be conjoined with my previous idea about the Scouting Before Attacking. You can actually see the towers and perhaps even see the range. A player shouldn’t go into a base having no idea what the heck he’s walking into

Especially since his king should be able to see the whole battlefield from his own view… Doesn’t make any sense that a player shouldn’t know what his character can see

Since they nerfed Mass Hysteria FB towers now heal towers are the OP pro boost. Please make the range the same as the original heal orb.

Yeah, the Heal Tower is by far the best one now. The range really is awful and they really need to change it, I die often when I come across them