Heal Tower - range X indicator

With version 5.1 comes the inprovement “Heal Tower Indicator”, and now its easy to see how wrong Heal Tower works.
example 1:

Lightning Tower (marked in yellow) is completely out of range but marked as being healed, and Spikes (marked in red) is at least part inside of the range but it´s not being healed.


Basilisk Tower (marked in yellow) is completely out of range but marked as being healed, and Spikes (marked in red) and other Basilisk Tower are both at least part inside of the range but aren´t being healed.

What players want to know is if needs to be full inside the circle, or just half works as well?

Anyway, thanks for this improvement…don´t remove this, just fix it.:grinning:


There is a heal tower in the 2nd yellow circle.

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Indeed, but the bubbles appear only for the selected heal tower, so out of range…
It’s well done to be like this, because we can see each tower heals.

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I thought one Heal Tower heals another Heal tower… Is it not so? Help!!! Does one heal tower get healed by another heal tower?

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Heal Towers, don’t heal others Heal Towers.

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But they never did.


Yes, they never did…:+1:

The problem is:
Some towers and obstacles are out of range (out of the blue circle) and being healed (with bubbles).
Other towers and obstacles are at least part in range but they are not being healed.

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I have had same issues here. Towers and obstacles inside the circle are not showing that they are getting healed. Cannot do a screenshot right now because I can’t get logged in, but circle goes through half of snake tower and doesn’t show it getting healed. Goes through part of spikes, not getting healed.


Thank you, we will have a look at it.


Is that only display error or the same happens in game???

(Red Arrow- included but no heal shown
Yellow Arrow- not included but heal shown)

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Any news about heal range no shows bubbles on towers and traps that are well touched by healing circle.
Visual bug?
They heal or not?

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Don’t know… 4 days since last oficial post…

Hello kind sirs :prince:,
Our Quality Assurance team is currently very busy. It may take a few more days until I will receive an answer here. Please bear with me for the time being :rr2ninja:
I sure will get back to you! :rr2advisornod:


Just adding my post from another topic here:

With the latest update, I’ve just now noticed that upon selecting a Healing Tower, all nearby structures affected (or otherwise within the Healing Tower’s range) are shown little floating hearts above them.

Here’s my issue that needs clarification:

In the first image, the Healing Tower in question has 6.66 Range and, as you can see, does not affect the Spike Trap higlighted in Red.

In the second image, the Healing Tower in question has 6.88 Range and also does not affect a Spike Trap highlighted in Red.

As we can easily tell, for an obstacle to be affected by a Healing Tower, its physical structure has to actually be within the Healing Tower’s range, as can be seen in the SItuation 2 image, where the Skull Tower to the right of the Healing Tower is clearly not being affected by it, despite the SQUARE on which it is placed is clearly within the Blue Circle range of Healing Tower.

That is fine, however Spike Traps take an entire Square with their physical structure, meaning that in both screenshots, each Healing Tower should be affecting each of the Spike Traps highlighted in Red, but they aren’t being affected.

Also adding another screenshot from one of my earlier reports: https://i.imgur.com/cJXWWto.png. It is up for debate whether or not the Firebolt Tower on the right side should be affected by that Healing Tower; it is within the Healing Tower’s Blue Circle range, but is not affected.

@Madlen thanks for reaching out to the QA team but please ensure to let them know that ALL towers need to be checked, literally all of them, and not just the ones that we’ve happened to report. This game, at least the end game of it, is all about tower positioning and min-maxing every little detail, which allows you to gain an edge over other players. This is why it is so vital that Tower Ranges work exactly as their Blue Circles represent, otherwise a decent portion of the end-game fun is taken away from us, which is not something you should allow to happen.


We can confirm there is something not working as intended here, we will look into this closer.


Still not working properly.
The live server update 08.08.2019 corrected only the problem for traps.

Again there is towers completely out of range (highlighted in yellow) and towers that are at least part inside the range like the traps that are not being healed (highlighted in red)

As we can see, there’s no need to a obstacle be completely inside the range circle, so why this tower are not being healed?

We explicitly said it is only fixed for traps.
The rest is still being investigated. Thanks for your concern.

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Ok Madlen, sorry for my misunderstand.:grinning:

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Thx for explaining madlen, however…
I included a picture…why is the blockade healed (yellow circle) and the spike not (red circle) as they are both in the same range from the heal tower?

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