Heal Tower Range

In order for heal to affect neighboring tower:

Does the circle (range) of heal tower have to reach the actual tower? Or just touch the tile that the tower is on?

sometimes it is difficult for me to tell if it touches the tower or not…

Yes, the circle of the HealTower range has to touch to other tower.

As you can see in the following thread:


@shoop before create a topic make sure you have go in Player helping Player and go in Creator section and read the topic All informations,about RR2 and video,etc… I made this topic and regroup all info since 2014. close all info at 90% are there. So next time check it. Cheers :slight_smile:

PS : Go in Page 1 to see Table of Contents. All info are there. is there ShadowGuardian have take the topic about Heal Tower

When the heal tower is selected all affected buildings should ‘glow’ or something to that effect.

Its a complete guessing game whether they work as intended…

I made this over an year ago but I think all ranges should still be ok.

Red - Firebolt or Lightning towers

Blue - other towers

Yellow - Spikes

Wow, this is really awesome info @ARREBIMBA! Thanks for sharing!

Mind if I add it to the Wikia? pleaaaase :wink:

Thanx a lot !

I see I need a range of 5,91 - how much forging is needed for that ?


I don’t know how many forges, but the wikia page for the Heal Tower has that info.


Sure ?

5 times range.

Great, but I see I need to get to lvl 8 first which is gonna take a while ?