Heal vs Shield in 2019

the eternal question is come back. Which of this spells are the most used in the game. No purpose. Just curiosity

Just answer depending you level

Edit : I see the poll don’t allow just answer in one place. If you remember each range. Answer in each

Players at level 1-50 probably won’t be using Shield or Heal at all for a few reasons. The first reason is that they’ll have both unlocked by maybe level 30, but probably closer to 35 or 40. Even then they still have to upgrade it to make the spells even remotely useable. When I first unlocked Heal and Shield, I used neither one cause they did nothing for me. Today I use Shield cause it’s maxed out, but I’m just saying, it’s highly unlikely that a player at level 50 will be using either one

Well i guess that depend of the person. I am a big fan of Healing stuffs. So over 3 account I have use Heal spell same at low. Heal spell save your life against Snake Tower. Shield if you face strong base. At this level trust me people use them level 20-30 until level 130. if you restart a new game tomorrow by example and up at level 20-30 or 50 you will see a lots who attack you will use Heal or Shield or both. those spells are more frequent then you think

I agree below level 8 its close useless. Better use Firestorm,Toxic Cloud or else.Shield and Heal more relevant I think around 60-80