Healer Tower & Putrid Prowler

I have been a lurker for a long time. Maybe my time has come to start posting. So here I go.


I was running a “Open Base” yesterday before the update to drop a few trophy’s.


Just after the update I thought might as well put these newly boosted towers and mortars in my defense as a joke.


Mind you none of my defenses are high level.


2 x level 7 Arrow towers (Healer Tower after boost)

4 x level 6 Arrow towers ((Healer Tower after boost))

level 1 Mortars (Putrid Prowler after boost)


This was my defense. (I barely put any thought into it as I just wanted to loose trophy’s)


(Flare not allowing me to post too many images, had to remove)



My waves.






Here are the results. Don’t mind the red tinge as I use an app to dim my phone screen in the night and forgot to turn it off.



Most of these attackers are much higher level than me, some even 10+ higher.


To sum it up, I gained 230+ trophys against mostly players higher level than me with just 6 towers and mortars/knights in my defence.



PS : Do the healer towers heal the castle gate if placed next to it. If they do then having 2 next to the gate during war season will be a good strategy. Imagine a Healing Dooms Gate. Will be a nightmare.

I dont like to throw out the word overpowered so easily, but thats the first thing that comes to my mind after seeing these results.


Maybe people need to adapt to the new boosts. Maybe its just that. 


What are your views guys ? Please give me some feedback.

First thing,you set up a trap base,

They didn’t make it in your base coz its more on

Psychological, raiders thought… “Ahh this base is easy peasy, lemon squezzy”

So most of them underestimated it…and they failed…

I see your point and it does make sense.

Mind you 2-3 of these attackers are from my main Alliance who knew exactly what they were getting into as I had told them about it on our chat group.

Your base design is very mortar friendly either and the guys attacking u mainly used ranged units standing around and waiting to get hit by slow mortar bombs.

Gibe all this a bit of time and your opponents will rush through your base again :wink:

Maybe you can try them out in your base.


For a well rounded feedback. 

Yeah they are doing very well in my base, so i wasn’t surprised about your “joke” results.

No offence intended :slight_smile: