Healing aura

Hello everyone

has anyone know what is the maximum of healing aura percentage and who has high % in healing aura please let me know is it good enough without monk when i raid

You can leave monk but will need shield at least…heal ring alone cant save you…currently I have 100%, stop forging it already but it can go higher…3k heal per second

Mine is around 115% think it’ like 3.5k heal… think that’s about 70% of a monk’ heal don’ remember values for monk… But remember it’s constant compared to a monk who must cast it. 

Best to get chloris ring and reperk to aura + sp2

The heal aura is NOT a substitute to a Monk or a Shield.

However it is a very very good adition to either.

As a side question, does the ring also dispel damage over time effects like other sources of healing do? 

just think Monk healing you but 24/7. Using the heal aura you can actually walk under Snake Towers and not die (well, at least not almost instantly like it is now, you get a couple seconds under it before it starts to really effect the health)


Heal aura is good at keeping army alive if you have a small one and just run around it a bit. But in no way is it a replacement as it is just a useful addition to an attack strategy bit like what @Fii Namisaid.


On a side note, how is your name two words Fii nami? cause I wanted mine to be like two words as well, obviously unsuccessful as you can see :wink:

Yes, it does. As soon as you walk away from a Snake Tower, your DOT damage is gone. Some goes for FB arrows, etc.

I wish we could put another ring on one of our other 7 fingers. Bomb kick aura is a must have for me, with heal a close second.

My favourite is sonic blast aura with Easter eg comes next