Healing effect is killing the game?

Why am i saying this? Because lately the game is getting focused more and more on the healing effect. We have the top notch which are the frenzy frost blasters, placing them in defense totally change the base you were used to attack few moment before, then we have pro heal towers which throw fire damage from nowhere (you most of time ask yourself how you or your troops die without reason) then we have monks in defense that with a single healing they grants for those 3-4sec immunity to everything, so your spells become useless if you’re casting them in that moment and this bring all other consequences. All these things make a huge difference in defense nullifying your spells power and troops. Monks in offense became a joke: being weakness to fire they die so easily by heal tower and killed quickly by pro firebolt tower. all the others troops can’t be used. you have most of troops that die with a few shots of skull tower and you ask what troops can i use nowadays?

You are pushed to use war boosts, something that you can’t get always. So the rest of the days you do what? Like wandering in your kingdom trying to defeat lower players, otherwise if you try to attack some top players, you’d like to uninstall the game. Are you serious? You use pyro and you win, you define yourself good? You shouldn’t, they are strong because of their fire damage lasting those few seconds and because of the fire dragon.

Then you wanna say that i’m pushed to use pro boosts to win? So if i can’t get pro boosts then you can’t play with normal elite boosts because they suck? What should i do then? Time to test the game for real maybe? Especially with war gear maybe?

THANK YOU! I made a post about this like a year ago saying that monk’s healing made enemies ignore damage but no one confirmed it. I was just battling and enemy troops were healing all over the place for some reason and I couldn’t kill them with all of my spells firing at once.

The other thing is, animations and effects don’t play when there’s alot going on on the screen, so you might get invisible bombs, poison liquid, lighting, enemy monk healing etc all without even knowing about it.

Along with basilisks that heal but can’t take damage half the time, flare is really killing the game. I couldn’t finish my 16 battles as a champion just now and feel bad, but can’t help it either. Getting to the point where I would…


I want to add another thing regarding pro boosts, we have currently 5 pro boosts:

  1. pro archer - “good” in offense and defense -> mid range
  2. pro heal tower - very strong in defense -> long range 
  3. pro firebolt tower -  very strong in defense -> long range
  4. pro jester - good in defense -> mid range
  5. pro paladin - crap unit as it’s always been, you pretend to make stone dragon to stun defensive structures, but they take a while to spawn it -> melee range

Defensive pro boosts compared to offensive boosts are definitely another level. You give 3 defensive boosts and 2 crap offensive boosts where honestly the ascension archer in offense is like it doesn’t exist if you have to consider the attack rate…yeah good night. i prefer spawn 20 archers than having 1 ascension archer. For real i don’t consider pro archer a pro boost. it’s like spawning another archer.

The range of the offensive boosts can’t be compared to the defensive ones.

The negative aspect is also that archers are slow which involve the fact that any kind of range towers can easily kill them, so they don’t have so much chance to escape.

there has been a lot of changes in the game since past 2-3 years.flare should focus on units that are useless than focusing on units that are more reasonable to begin with.for example,paladins,mortar,gargoyle etc.if they focus on making these units as competitive it would make a lot of difference in the game.even at this point majority of players use ogre,wolf and monks as basic combo.make paladins hit firebolt towers nd lighting towers nd make mortar useful for offence 


There was a lot of complaining that everyone uses the L path but somehow no one complains when everyone uses boosted ogre + boosted wolf (& monk maybe) in like every wave. So you have some 10 or so troops but everyone uses the same 3. I’d say that’s BORING! How about making the rest of the troops more useful and not by adding stupid boosts nobody can afford but by actually tweaking unit parameters or something. Like if you can forge mortars to do blunt damage, how about have them attack towers with it, without the need for a boost that does that (which btw also gives blunt damage thus enabling mortars to actually hurt towers in the first place. Logic? Hello?).

Another commonly used setup I run into, and this is in line with oPelle’s original complaint, is 3-4 monks in every wave. In no time at all you have like 10 monks that will be impossible to kill unless you curb their healing somehow (stun?). It’s effective in slowing you down but kinda…cheap?

Of course healing towers are a separate kind of suck, keeping things alive just barely to keep being a nuisance.

So I’d say the game balance is floating somewhere down the sewer tube, if there is such a thing as a “best” unit and “best” setup (boosted wolf?). Someone must’ve forgotten the classic rock-paper-scizzors school of balancing, where everything is strong against something else and has a purpose.

Okay, I’m rambling now. Moving on.

Yep, stun. I use Swordrain with stun forged at 3 seconds. It takes care of any group of ogres and/or monks (if they’re not under a werewolf’s howl effect).

It also gives you a little breathing time in other situations. It’s a great spell.


Regarding oPelle’s post, I do agree with the arblaster in the defense. Their healing is too strong imo. It’s a fantastic boost.