Healing Tower's range inconsistency (?)

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while:

Notice the Healing Tower’s range (blue circle). What is immediatelly apparent, at least visually, is that Healing Tower’s range does not come in contact with the Spikes. The blue circle does not overlap the structure’s model in the slightest, but I have confirmed that the tower is in fact healing those Spikes. This means that, at least in case of Spikes, their model is in fact the size of an entire and single path ’ square’, while visually being actually smaller than that.

However, when it comes to actual Towers being within the range of a Healing Tower, we know by now that the Healing Tower’s range must actually touch a tower in order to heal it - which it currently does not; both Firebolt Towers are still not in range of the Healing Tower. And so when you compare how Spikes and other Towers are affected by the Healing Tower, there is inconsistency here.

In order to fix this problem, I believe the Spikes’ model should be enlarged in order to fit the entire path ‘square’ fully, becaue with the size it is now, it is giving out conflicting information to the player.

I think the blue range circle isn’t accurate. I’ve tested it with firebolts and notice that I can be shot just beyond the circle. Same with snake towers. Maybe the same thing is happening here as well?

Heal Tower blue circle is the most innacurate, and Tainted Love (pro boost) is even more inaccurate of the exact fire range.

There is a possibility that it was actually trying to heal your skull tower, but because it’s healing has a relatively huge area of effect, it heals the spikes as well.



@LacunaC is correct.  The actual red healing ball “fired” by the Heal Tower has it’s own range.  So there are cases where you can Heal something out of range because the Tower is healing something in range but near to the object out of range.

I actually don’t think this is the case, because when I was testing and damaging the spikes with a spell, I’ve made sure the spell connected only with those spikes and not the towers behind it - yet the spikes were healed.

So if that healing ‘ball’ actually has a greater range than the range of a Healing Tower, it should also heal the two Firebolt towers, which are currently out of the Healing Tower’s range. But when I tried damaging only the Firebolt tower to the left of the Skull Tower, it was never healed.

This is confusing, to say the least. If, by some chance, the healing ‘ball’ does have its separate range too, well then that’s just another piece of information the game doesn’t tell you about. Man, I hate when games lack clarity in details like that.

There’s a very simple way to verify it. Remove the skull tower within the circle, and see if your spikes still gets healed.

Yep, Spikes still get healed. Meaning their Hitbox is actually larger than their model, and consists of an entire path square.

the Heal Tower worth it? how many are necessary in a base? 1 or 2 or more? worth it to forge them? I look to unlock them fast to add it in my base.

2-3 heal towers are common in bases. Forging their range 19 times gives more placement options.

Yeah, I also agree that having ~2 Healing Towers is very much worth it, but you should have no illusions, Warriornator - you will have to forge them heavily for it to pay off, mainly the range and healing rate, both preferrably at least 16 times, so it will take a good while.

I have another question to long-time players. Let’s take the same image for an example:

Does anyone here have a Healing Tower with the Range perk forged higher than 26.89%? Because in the set up visible in the screenshot, I now know this range is not enough to heal both Firebolt Towers on the sides. Maybe someone has more range and could tell me if it ever becomes possible for a Healing Tower to heal both Firebolt Towers in such a setup?

I have an healing tower with 27.59% healing range (7.02 range). I placed 2 firebolt towers in the same position, same path design. It doesn’t heal them if you don’t place those 2 skull towers in the middle. Therefore you need to place those 2 skull towers or any other type of tower that can be hit by a spell with high range.

Moreover only 1 firebolt per time can be healed in that case with one healing orb.

I just came to a rather simple realization - the way the Healing Towers work is subpar then, meaning the flying Healing Orb.

It’d be much better if the Healing Tower just healed everything within its actual range, rather than throwing a Healing Orb at the first thing that’s damaged within the Healing Tower’s range.

Because if you Pearl literally every perk in your Healing Tower, you clearly cannot utilize it to heal 4 towers, which is a bit of a letdown (maximizing efficiency is definitely one of the things the ‘Whales’ like to do). Of course, this would shift the Healing Tower’s overall power dramatically in its favor as well as base’s defense in general, so instead the Healing and Healing Rate could both be reduced to balance that out.

Thanks for the info, oPelle, that was some great insight.