Health bonus on equipment

This is just a question, it might be a silly one.

I just put on a suit of armor that has about 500 more health than the one I replaced but my hero’s health only went up about 50. Is this a glitch or is the health on equipment only worth 10% of what it reports?

Also, does anyone know the math on life drain?
If I have a piece of equipment with a 100 life drain for instance, how much health do I get per hit?

Thanks in advance

Correction to my own question……

The equipment I took off has a rune that’s worth about 220 health that I don’t think I calculated.

Which would mean, to round off the numbers, that the 500 extra health boost on the new equipment only boosted my hero’s health about 250 when you take the rune into consideration.

So is the health on equipment worth 1/2 of what it reports, is the health from the rune worth double, or am I misunderstanding something?

You forgot to read version 5.1 in this forum.
When you equip a rune on an item, that rune will give you a value next its minimum value. If you want to have an higher value, you must overwrite it with a rune with at least the same level of your previous equipped rune.

Thanks Rev, but that’s not what I was talking about. The new equipment didn’t have a rune yet, I still needed to upgrade a 2nd pearl upgrade so I could place one.

I’m talking about one piece of equipment vs another.

Compared to the old piece of equipment,
the new piece of equipment has +28 in main hero health
+500 in secondary hero health
and +50 in the run (hero health)
A total of 578 more health than the old piece of equipment

But when I put on the new equipment, my health only goes up by 386

Is this a glitch, or are some of the hero health boosts not 100% of what it reports to be?

Both armours do not have the same base HP.
Orange may have higher secondary HP and rune HP, but main HP is lower. That’s where your ~200 different is.

The only perks that aren’t 1:1 are spells, luck, leadership, and everyone’s favourite: Units!

Maybe treasure hunter too.

Happy forging. :wink:

Thanks Coherence, I must have looked at it too fast. I was thinking that orange had 28 more in base HP. I somehow missed that. I’ll have to pearl that up.

Sorry for the dumb question