Ok so I just choose’d a health mastery, and I actually thought my math was really good. But with this I feel like I’m really bad on math. Maybe Isaac Newton came out the grave and change the calculation and I’m not aware of it ?? I don’t know , that’s why I want to ask FlareGames. Please explain me this, my Hercules had 338,146 health. Then I choose the mastery of 5.08% for HEALTH . And now my Hercules has 348,249 health. Please tell me How did that happen? Cuz the numbers that I’m coming up, is different.  Let’s do some math together, as far as I know 5.08% of the 338,146 is 17,177 and now let’s add the numbers 338146+17177= 355323. 

And here is the prove of it so no one can call me a liar ?. 

BEFORE and AFTER pictures ???

Liar! You just suck at maths! And wtf is this poor Isaac doing here? It might be Halloween soon but don’t wake up the dead, come on man…

I’d assume the % is added to base health. It’d be useful to know, before picking such mastery, how it would actually be after selecting it. (As it’s hardly/not possibly something that can be calculated.)

I hope you won’t have too many troubles sleeping at night with such mystery unsolved… You can always call “the” doctor for help!

I can’t have sex now, because of this ???

I’m sorry to hear it affects your life so deeply and at such an intimate level…

Maybe we can go through a quick examination to determine the damage!

  • Are you able to eat without thinking about how much % of health you’ll lose if you eat too healthy food?

  • Can you read the instructions guides of a product without adding all the % of the components?

  • Do you think of Isaac day and night?

  • Do you keep thinking how unfair is life with this issue, impacting the health of your beloved heroes?

Good luck, I hope you’ll find the answers you’re looking for… Somewhere…  Over the rainbow…


I can’t stop thinking about it , anything I try to do is reminds of this . Even when I drive , if I see any numbers it reminds me of this and I just pull over and try to do the math again and again . I feel bad for Isaac :slightly_frowning_face:  . I can’t see the numbers any more . Will you please call me doctor ??? 

Lucky for you, I am a doctor. I’ll write you a prescription for the blue pill

@ataide thank you soooo much for calling a doctor for me . Hello Doctor @Skorpio please tell me the name of the BLUE PILLS. I can’t live like this any more . ???

I’ll do you one better. 


Thank you , thank you soooooooo much ?? this blue pills really work , you are the best doctor in the world ?  ?‍⚕️ 

Hahaha. Thank you. Now about my fee, you can send me a cheque or donate in my alliance. Whichever suits you

This is efficient work, but it looks like it went by really fast. For the result.

Donate is the fastest way @Skorpio ???

Now he’s got that pill you might find a less welcome donation…

Is there a way to simultaneously apply a like to every post in a thread?

Only if you help @Onelove007 to solve his health issues…

@Skorpio effect of the blue pills are letting me go , now I’m gonna have to change my name from OneLove to NoLove. 

I need to pray to Isaac Newton now, and ask him to educate the FlareGames on percentage formula.



FlareGames game , why are you ignoring @OneLove, don’t you guys see that he needs help , the blue pill doesn’t work on him anymore, please help him we don’t want to see him to change his name to NoLove. If it happens I think it will be a disaster. 

@OneLove please don’t change your name to NoLove, give FlareGames some time , who know how long it takes to double check the formula of percentage and see if it’s Isaac Newton fault or they’re fault.

Don’t lose hope @Onelove007. There are new discoveries in medicine everyday. We will find a cure for you. Hang in there buddy

It’s easy to check with this formula:

338.146 + (338.146 - \<health\_from\_the\_Vest\>&nbsp;- \<health\_from\_the\_Boots\>) \* 5.08%

If the result will be equal to 348.249, then Health Mastery increases only pure/base health of naked hero.

You guys probably need to know the meaning of the word FRIENDLY, cuz I don’t see anything similar with word FRIENDLY and IGNORING. How can you guys let me feel this way , don’t you guys see that I need help , I need something else besides BluePills cuz they don’t work on me.


asshole-free ??? omg I cant stop laughing … and ya one more thing to say , WHY WOULD WE SHARE YOUR VALUE WHEN YOU DONT SHARE OR RESPECT OUR VALUE.!