Heat Map Hero Deaths, Resurrection and Gems

I’ve seen at least twenty or thirty hero deaths after the game had the heat map function. But in the meantime, I got only 5-6 gems by defense. I can’t believe so few people resurrected after their death since I do lost a lot of trophies.

Is it a bug?

maybe it also counted the hero deaths when your alliance members tested your defense? idk

I just asked another alliance member to attack my base. The heat map didn’t show that attack information so I think testing results are not counted.

I think they enemy need to spend gems for you to receive gems on defences (invocations mostly). If they die it usually only cost extra ambrosia.

But an official tip in the game says if enemies resurrect in my base, I would get gems. 


The tip is currently incorrect, we will fix it very soon.

You only get gems if the attacker spent gems, not if he resurrected.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I’ve been following your tips for several months! How about changing the game to fit the tip rather than changing the tip? We wouldn’t get too many even though resurrection could give us gems, however it’ll make the game more interesting and give players more stimulation to make better defense. How do you think?