Heat Map: Questions


I really don’t understand how that heat map works.

For example, this morning I took this screenshot after 8 hours offline. I had lost about 80 cups and earned about 15 gems.

I just collect resources, don’t fight, finish a barricade upgrade and start a new one. (so that shouldn’t reset the map, does it?)

40 minutes later, I go back online and take the 2nd screenshot. No trophies were lost, no gems were earned.


My questions are:

How can there be such a high difference in the invocations display in 40 minutes? Even if the map resets after a while, some circles would disappear, ok. But how could there be a difference of 14 invocations in 40 minutes?

I can see at least 3 or 4 invocations that appeared in the meantime. How could I get no gem then?

May I please ask what the ratio is between the gems that are spent in invocations by the attacker and what the defender earns?


I’m not whining about anything, just like to understand. I really like that map idea. But please explain a bit further. :grinning:



well, I guess Revival is also an invocation, however gem free. May explain one thing …

Thanks for suggesting, but that can’t be it. When you turn the ‘Hero Deaths’ menu on, you can see they dots of the revivals don’t match the circles of invocations.


Can someone can confirm about PC version vs IOS are very different version? . I check and we don’t have battle log. I don’t see where is the Free chest video and in this topic we don’t have this option to turn on or off some feature

Edit : OK I found it you must click on the path to have all the option